Multitasking: not something to do behind the wheel

Women are known for having strong multitasking abilities. However, while multitasking can save time, it can sometimes lead to mistakes, especially when done behind the wheel. Not only is this dangerous, it could also be fatal.

Think about it – how often have you found yourself texting on the way to the next play date, eating, rubbernecking, applying make-up, fixing the kids’ hair or fishing for things at the bottom of your purse while driving? Not being totally focused on the road and drivers around you could lead to an accident – endangering the lives of both you and your children, never mind the financial knock that you could face if your car was damaged – even with car insurance.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce distractions when you are behind the wheel:

  • When your cell phone rings, do not answer it. If you have a passenger with you, allow them to answer your phone for you instead.
  • Consider keeping your message notification on silent when driving to avoid the temptation that comes with the notification of a new message. Texting and driving is a dangerous distraction.
  • Have breakfast at home or at the office to avoid eating on the road.
  • Ensure the kids’ lunches are packed and that they (and you!) are dressed appropriately for school before you leave the house. This will prevent you from trying to fix any untidiness while driving.
  • Prepare for the road. Before you start driving, ensure the correct GPS co-ordinates are inserted or the right playlist is selected to avoid any further distractions when driving.
  • Keep your focus on the road and what is ahead of you, avoid rubbernecking by not turning your drive into a ‘sight-seeing’ experience… no matter how tempting. Slowing down to stare at roadside distractions could lead to an accident of your own.
  • Use hand-free electronics sparingly. Talking over the phone, whether you’re doing so while having your phone in your hand, or while using hands-free mode is still, nonetheless distracting and can affect your concentration on the road.
  • Before driving off, make sure you have all that you will need from your handbag – keys, purse, license etc. to avoid digging for them while navigating through traffic.

Don’t be afraid to switch off your phone while driving. If you know someone who is a distracted driver, share these useful tips with them too. They could save a life! In the unfortunate event that you find yourself distracted and now have to lodge a car insurance claim, make a potentially confusing process a little easier by using the MiWay App to get the right information for your claim.


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