The importance of phoning MiHelp Roadside Assistance

It’s an unfortunate fact that during the festive season, there is a higher percentage of breakdowns, accidents and other roadside emergencies because of the high volumes of vehicles on our roads.

In the stressful moments that follow a vehicle breakdown or collision, where even the most experienced motorist can feel vulnerable, it’s easy to let stress and anxiety cloud your judgement. Because we understand what one goes through in an emergency situation and how easy it is to forget what is needed from the scene, MiWay has made it a little easier for road users to regain composure and get back to a calm state. The new “Accident Scene” feature on the MiWay App will guide you through the process of capturing all the info you need from an accident scene.

However, some emergencies require specialised attention and care, thus needing human interaction. If MiWay clients should find themselves in one of these situations, MiHelp – MiWay’s 24/7 Emergency Assistance – should be your first line of contact!

Call 08 600 767 64 to request emergency assistance

Besides assisting you immediately in terms of required emergency services, calling MiHelp will ensure the safe removal and storage of your vehicle with a MiWay approved repairer and, if noted on your Coversheet, that towing costs are not incurred by you.

It is the festive season, and we understand that you may want your car taken care of ASAP - however, it is important to not run the risk of having your car towed by just anyone and not knowing where it is taken or incurring additional unbudgeted costs. To prevent this from happening, do not let your vehicle be towed without MiWay's authorisation.

Be an informed client – and travel safely!

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