Get Body Corporate Insurance from MiWay

Affordable sectional title insurance cover for body corporates

Imagine holding your townhouse in your hand and turning it upside down.

Everything that remains in the unit whilst upside down, like fitted cupboards, walls, and other permanent fixtures and fittings, will be covered by a Body Corporate’s Insurance Policy, also known as Sectional Title Insurance.

MiWay’s Body Corporate insurance offering includes affordable sectional title insurance cover for body corporates with the following benefits:

  • Tailored Sectional Title Insurance - you choose the specific section that you want insured
  • Insurance for your structure and all outbuildings
  • A dedicated sectional title admin team for queries and emergencies
  • A 24/7 in-house emergency call centre
  • Emergency home assistance
  • Competitive premiums
  • A free risk survey
  • Damage to the building as a result of doing alterations and additions to the building
  • Loss of water in the event of a valid claim
  • Home modifications where as a result of a valid claim, the owner or family member of the unit becomes a paraplegic or quadriplegic

Our sectional title insurance offering includes insurance cover for:

  • Accidental and intentional damage
  • Theft of or any damage caused by attempted theft of fixtures and fittings
  • Fire and explosion
  • Acts of nature which include hail, wind, storm, floods, earthquake and lightning
  • Geyser and pipes covering loss or damage following the leaking and bursting of geysers and pipes
  • Impact

Need more cover? Add these optional products to your policy:

  • Loss of rent
  • Public services and telephone connections
  • Glass and signage
  • Money
  • Power surges and dips
  • Generators and battery systems
  • Garden and landscaping
  • Subsidence and landslip
  • Machinery breakdown

Sections that you can add to add to the Buildings section of your sectional title policy

Residents living in sectional title units insure their household goods separately to ensure cover should their unit be broken into, or even worse, should fire destroy all their belongings, etc. For this, you'll need a personal home contents insurance.

Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits mentioned above.