Car Insurance

Get Car Insurance quotes from MiWay to find cheap car insurance

MiWay offers affordable and flexible insurance, with added benefits like free roadside assistance and rewards even if you claim!

Get cash rewards after just 3 months!

MiWay will reward you if you prefer doing things online! By simply applying for and taking out your insurance policy online, MiWay will pay you an average full month's premium after 3 months full premiums are received.* Get a SpeedQuote now to see what you could be paying.

Why choose MiWay's standard car insurance?

  • Affordable premiums, low flat excess
  • You can buy and manage your insurance policy online without speaking to an agent
  • Fix your premiums for a period of 36 months!*
  • Earn rewards and save on joining fees by buying your insurance online
  • Great customer service and a hassle-free claims process – you can even claim online!
  • Earn rewards whether you claim or not
  • Free Roadside emergency assistance *

*Terms & conditions apply

Are you looking for cheap car insurance?

MiWay offers three types of insurance for your vehicle– "Comprehensive", "Third-Party, Fire and Theft", and "Third-Party only".

"Third-Party Only" is the cheapest car insurance and provides insurance cover for any damage you may cause to the property of another person.

"Third-Party, Fire and Theft" provides insurance cover for any damage you may cause to the vehicle of another person, and the accidental death or injuries of third parties involved in the same accident. You will also be compensated for the loss of your vehicle due to attempted theft, theft or hijacking, as well as any damage to your vehicle that was caused by fire, lightning or explosions.The main difference between 'Comprehensive' and 'Third-Party, Fire and Theft' is that your car is not covered against accidental damage.

"Comprehensive" provides the widest cover and covers for theft and hijacking, damages due to an accident, fire or explosion and natural disasters like hail and floods. Comprehensive insurance cover also includes damage to the vehicle’s glass and liability to other parties as a result of an accident, as well as intentional damage to your vehicle.

I have a car insurance quote, what's next?

Insuring your car starts with you, the car owner, completing an insurance quote with MiWay – either online or telephonically. Assuming you find the premium affordable (which we are sure you will!) you agree to a start date for your new cover.

MiWay will send you your documentation including a Coversheet (Policy schedule), which spells out the terms of your insurance policy and explains everything you need to know regarding your policy and vehicle insurance in general.

If necessary, MiWay will also help you to find an inspection centre  which is convenient for you to visit. Please remember to comply with any requirements – for example, install additional security devices (a tracking device, immobiliser etc.); have your car inspected; etc. as this will influence whether you would enjoy insurance cover or not.

Your vehicle insurance cover will be fully activated once MiWay has received your premium.

Additional Options

Additional options such as Car Hire as well as cover for non-standard sound systems and car accessories can also be added to your motor insurance policy.

The Car Hire option means that, in the even that you cannot drive your vehicle MiWay will provide you with a hired car for your chosen period of time.

Your vehicle can be insured for one of the following values:

  • Retail value (recommended)
  • Market value (the average between the vehicle’s retail and trade values)
  • Trade value
  • Specially agreed value (which applies to unlisted, collectors and vintage vehicles where a valuation is given by an appropriate approved source)

Your MiWay policy Coversheet will reflect the value that you choose. The amount to this value will be determined at the time of loss taking into account the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle.

MiWay can cover your car for either private, professional or business use:

Private or social purposes, including driving between your home and regular place of work will be classified as private use.

Professional use is where the car forms an essential part of the performance of any work or function as a Lawyer, Doctor, Actuary, Accountant, Architect or an Engineer. It also includes cover for private use.

Business use is where the car forms an essential part of the performance of any work or function. It also includes cover for private use.

Scenario: If you utilise your car for business purposes, your car is on the road more often than if you only use it for private purposes. The chance of it being stolen or involved in an accident is therefore much greater. The premium for a car being used for business purposes is higher compared to the same car being used only for private purposes. Remember, that if you insure your car for the incorrect use you will not have cover on your car in the event of a claim as the premium you’ve been paying will be incorrect in terms of risk.