MiWheels Limited Car Insurance

Get the cover you NEED at the price you can afford!

The MiWheels Limited product gives you affordable cover that pays you cash when you claim, giving you the power to negotiate the best deal by allowing YOU to decide where, when and with whom your car can be repaired.

Why choose the MiWheels Limited car insurance?

  • You get peace-of-mind car insurance at much less the cost of normal insurance
  • You get tailor-made insurance cover at affordable rates
  • You don’t pay an excess up front
  • You get paid out in cash when you claim
  • You can choose your own car repairer
  • You can experience MiWay's great service and hassle-free claims process

What kind of insurance cover do you get with MiWheels Limited?

What you have cover for is totally up to you! You get to choose which incidents you are covered for, and have the option of extras such as transport money cover or windscreen glass cover.

You have the option to be covered for any one or all of the following:

Incident cover options

  • Accidental and intentional damage – for example: a car accident, or an incident where someone intentionally causes damage to your car;
  • Theft & hijack – this is where you will be covered for the loss of your car due to theft or hijacking;
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by acts of nature, such as Earthquakes, Storms, Floods, Snow or Hail;
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by Fire & Explosion, where the explosion is related to a fire.

Liability cover

You have the choice of liability cover! This is where you have third party cover for any damage you may cause to the property of another person whilst driving the vehicle you have this cover for. This cover includes legal costs when someone tries to sue you or claim damages from you because of damage you caused to their property.

Optional extras

  • Window glass cover – this covers you where only the windows of your vehicle are damaged.
  • Transport money cover – MiWay cares about you getting around when you don’t have the use of your vehicle after a covered incident. MiWay will pay you transport money up to the limit that you selected at sales stage. You can choose transport money cover for 5, 10 or 15 days at, R20, R30, R40 or R50 per day.

Who should choose MiWheels Limited car insurance?

  • People who can no longer afford their current car insurance and are looking for affordable, tailor-made insurance to suit their budgets
  • People who have never been insured before
  • People preferring cash payouts when claiming, so that they can get the car repaired at their own repairer

Please note – MiWheels Limited is not available for financed cars and is only available for cars under R100,000 in value, as determined by MiWay. It also excludes other benefits offered by MiWay, such as free MiHelp roadside assistance, MiRewards and MiXpress. The sales agent will explain this in detail over the phone with you.