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Motor Warranty

Do I really need motor warranty insurance?

As a responsible car owner, you take pride in making sure that your car is serviced and maintained as it should be. However, are you financially prepared for a costly breakdown?

Repairs or replacement car parts are not usually something that you plan for or take into account, and can cost a small fortune – especially once your car’s motor warranty expires. These expenses are not covered by your general car insurance policies.

This is where motor warranty insurance comes in. It helps you to get back on the road (and on with your life) by assisting with costly mechanical breakdowns and repairs!

MiWay’s Motor Warranty cover will take care of the repair process – it provides cover for most of your vehicle’s working parts, including the air-conditioner, transmission, cooling system, electrical parts and engine of your vehicle. Refer to the policy wording for details on what’s covered.

Get in touch with MiWay today about adding MiWarranty cover to your existing policy. Not insured with MiWay? No problem! You can purchase MiWarranty cover for your vehicle even if it is comprehensively insured by another provider.