Does MiWay Insure Code 3 (Rebuilt) Vehicles?

Frequently Asked Questions

MiWay insures brand new, used and rebuilt passenger vehicles (not exceeding 3500kg) that are registered in South Africa and in a roadworthy condition and not modified to enhance the vehicles performance.

If the car is a rebuilt it is important to note that the maximum amount that will paid on any claim will be limited to 70% of the market value in the event of a total loss of the vehicle.

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If the vehicle is modified in any way to enhance its performance, e.g. chipped or a non-standard super-charger MiWay will not insure the vehicle. This does not refer to accessories like a towbar, bulbar, leather seats etc. which can be fitted to the vehicle.

How would I know if my car is rebuilt?

The registration papers of the vehicle will indicate it as a Code 3 vehicle.