Name Drop Terms and Conditions

  1. Name Dropping is only open to existing MiWay personal lines clients with an active MiWay short-term insurance policy ("Name Dropper").
  2. A Name Drop is defined as the full submission of a name, surname, telephone number and email address of a personal acquaintance ("friends"), captured on the MiWay Name Drop web page.
  3. Only those friends who have never been a MiWay client; do not have an active quote with MiWay (i.e. a quote that is still within a 30 day validity period); and have not already been Name Dropped by another MiWay client will qualify to be Name Dropped.
  4. Name Drops must have a valid ID number and no Passport numbers will be accepted. 
  5. Name Droppers will be paid R1 000 in cash rewards ("Rewards") for each successful Name Drop within 10 business days of their friends meeting the following criteria:
    - Initiate their quote online by using the link provided in the invitation email
    - Take out a short-term insurance policy with MiWay with a premium of at least R500 (incl VAT)
    - Make 3 successful monthly premium payments.
  6. A R5 000 bonus will be paid to the Name Dropper for each 5 successful Name Drop policies taken up online, and as per the criteria set out above.
  7. Rewards will be paid into the same account from which the Name Dropper's premium is collected.
  8. Name Drops not taken up will expire 30 days after submission. MiWay will send out reminder emails to friends in that 30-day period, after which the submission will expire. Name Droppers can resubmit expired Name Drops again after the 30 days unless someone else has submitted the same friend's details in the interim, or the person has become a MiWay client through other means after the 30 day period.
  9. MiWay will endeavor to provide online feedback within 24 hours of a friend opting out of the programme, registering a quote, accepting an online policy, paying a premium or fully qualifying as a successful Name Drop.
  10. Name Dropping must be carried out by Name Droppers using the MiWay Name Drop web page. No Name Dropping will be captured by MiWay staff via the Call Centre or email platforms.
  11. There is no limit to the amount of Name Dropping rewards a Name Dropper may earn for successful Name Drops.
  12. The Name Drop programme is not intended as a "commercial money making" opportunity and is only available to individuals (not companies) who are personally acquainted with their friends.
  13. MiWay reserves the right to withhold payment from Name Droppers who abuse this programme.
  14. MiWay employees, their immediate family members, suppliers of goods and services or business partners are not permitted to participate in Name Dropping.
  15. By participating in the Name Drop programme, Name Droppers acknowledge, accept and will endeavour to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.
  16. MiWay reserves the right to cancel the Name Drop Programme or to change the Terms and Conditions at any time at its discretion without prior notice.