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Rewards whether you claim or not!

Rewards whether you claim or not!

MiRewards is MiWay's one-of-a-kind simple-to understand and easy-to-earn loyalty programme that rewards clients for simply being loyal.

What makes MiRewards so different?

At MiWay you don't have to be lucky or jump through hoops to earn rewards. We reward our clients whether they are claim-free or not. We certainly don't expect you not to claim when you need to.

How do I accumulate rewards? *

  • By applying for and taking out your policy online
  • Boost your rewards by exclusively transacting and communicating with us online
  • By simply paying all your premiums on time
  • By Name Dropping a few of your friends to MiWay**

* Refer to terms and conditions
** Name Drop terms and conditions

Why any other way?

You are in control and we encourage you to do things your way! Whether you like spreading the news about your great MiWay experience using Name Dropping or you simply feel more at ease working purely online - earning rewards is all in your control!

How do I get my rewards?

MiWay rewards you in cash. We will deposit your rewards into your bank account when they become due. How you spend your cash rewards is entirely up to you!

How does it work?

  • By being a loyal client for at least 3 years we will pay you back no less than one full month's average premium. Thereafter we will refund you one month's average premium every 2 years for as long as you remain a MiWay client. It's that simple!
  • By doing your quote and buying your policy online, we will pay you an average full month's premium after 3 months full premiums were received.
  • By exclusively transacting, communicating and servicing your policy via our online channels, we will pay you every year 1/2 of one full month's average premium received in that year (limited to a maximum of R500) for as long as you are a MiWay client. You get more rewards, more often for doing things online.
  • By Name Dropping your friends to buy policies with MiWay, we will pay you R1,000 for each policy sold to a successful Name Drop. We will also pay you a R5,000 bonus for every 5 friends that accepted their policies online.

Earning rewards is EASY. It’s within your control and aimed at making your life easier.ADT Discounts for MiWay ClientsRewards Catalogue