Motorcycle Insurance

Are you looking for motorcycle insurance to suit your budget, with benefits like free roadside assistance? MiWay offers flexible, innovative and affordable motorcycle insurance to cover your motorcycle and accessories. 

Why choose MiWay for your motorcycle insurance needs?

  • MiWay delivers true expertise and knowledgeable advice on insurance for bikes, accessories, riding gear and motorcycle trailers.
  • Affordable premiums
  • Great Service
  • Hassle free claims process
  • Free Roadside emergency assistance

At MiWay we understand bikes, accessories, riding gear, motorcycle trailers and their values. We also understand bikers’ insurance needs from personal experience.

MiWay’s motorcycle rating specialists will tailor different motorcycle insurance premiums for clients depending on what kind of bike you own – whether it’s a superbike, cruiser, off-road bike or quad bike. How you use your motorbike is also taken into consideration. If you’re a low insurance risk, you’ll pay a lower premium.

MiWay separately insures riding gear and accessories. MiWay understands the true value of items like exhausts, carbon fibre parts, custom spray jobs and race suspensions which are a big investment for many motorcycle owners. Remember to always specify accessories separately.

By insuring accurately and according to the client’s specific needs, MiWay makes sure the client gets all the motorbike insurance cover they need.

Start saving today! Request a call-back and we will call you to complete an obligation-free motorcycle insurance quote from one of our agents.

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