Service Delivery Commitments

At MiWay, we are fanatical about delivering an awesome customer experience. We view this as a real differentiator and are passionately committed to ensuring that we always keep to our promises, and deliver the type of service that our customers deserve. 

We believe our customers are partners in assisting us to improve our service delivery and we always welcome and encourage customer feedback – good or bad. 

As part of our commitment to deliver an awesome customer experience – we endeavour to:

  • Ensure that we execute our service to customers in line with MiWay’s core values: Freedom, Attitude, Accountability and Energy;
  • Be fair, objective, impartial, courteous and perform our work with respect and dignity;
  • Perform our work in such a way that we uphold the reputation, standards and regulations of the Financial Services Industry;
  • Continue to find innovative ways to improve the accessibility of our services on various platforms for our customers;
  • Keep abreast with new technologies, approaches and methods to improve our service delivery;
  • Create a platform and culture where customers can provide their valuable feedback
  • Deliver efficient and effective services and supply customers with full and thorough responses to their queries or complaints within appropriate time frames;
  • Maintain a high level of competence within all areas of our business; and
  • Procure the services of reputable suppliers in order to deliver quality outcomes during our claims process.