What We Stand For

MiWay's Values

Our values define us as a company - and as individuals. They guide our actions and behaviour and influence the way we serve our clients, work with each other, and our business partners. We strive to always do the right thing and each MiWayan has been counted in to live the MiWay values of:

  • Accountability: MiWay’s employees deliver on promises and make no excuses. Be accountable for your actions!
  • Attitude: A positive "can do" attitude often makes the difference between winning and losing. Our attitude defines us and sets us apart from the opposition. Ultimately our attitude determines our altitude. Foster a positive attitude!
  • Energy: We approach our goals with positive energy. We love what we do and we energise everyone around us. Find reasons to love what you do!
  • Freedom: MiWay’s employees are free to think out of the box, to challenge conventional thinking and to find innovative solutions to challenges. Keep exploring new ideas!
  • Professionalism: MiWay’s employees are neat in appearance, polite, well-spoken and display ethical behaviour. Conduct yourself professionally at all times!

Service Delivery Commitments

At MiWay, we believe our customers are partners in assisting us to improve our service delivery and we always welcome and encourage customer feedback – good or bad. 

As part of our commitment to deliver an awesome customer experience – we endeavour to:

  • Ensure that we execute our service to customers in line with MiWay’s core values: Freedom, Attitude, Accountability, Energy and Professionalism;
  • Be fair, objective, impartial, courteous and perform our work with respect and dignity;
  • Perform our work in such a way that we uphold the reputation, standards and regulations of the Financial Services Industry;
  • Continue to find innovative ways to improve the accessibility of our services on various platforms for our customers;
  • Keep abreast with new technologies, approaches and methods to improve our service delivery;
  • Create a platform and culture where customers can provide their valuable feedback
  • Deliver efficient and effective services and supply customers with full and thorough responses to their queries or complaints within appropriate time frames;
  • Maintain a high level of competence within all areas of our business; and
  • Procure the services of reputable suppliers in order to deliver quality outcomes during our claims process. 

MiWay's Code of Ethical Conduct

The MiWay Code of Ethical Conduct has been adopted to give effect to MiWay’s core values. The Code guides our relationships with all our stakeholders (customers, service providers, shareholders, employees, etc.) and other relevant role-players as well as to outline our commitments to them. All our staff subscribe to the Code in which we declare that:

  • We will act with integrity, honesty and fairness as well as with due skill, care and diligence;
  • We will, in all our dealings with customers, ensure that:
    • customers are confident that they are dealing with a company where the fair treatment of customers is central to MiWay’s culture;
    • the products and services we market and sell in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified customer groups and are targeted accordingly;
    • we give customers clear information and that we keep them appropriately informed before, during and after the time they enter into a policy with MiWay;
    • where we give advice, the advice is suitable and takes into account the circumstances of the customer;
    • we provide customers with products that perform as we have led them to expect, and that the associated service is also of an acceptable standard;
    • clients do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers to change their products, switch to other providers, submit claims or make complaints.
  • We will accept accountability for all our actions and decisions;
  • We will refrain from any behaviour that can be classified as unlawful discrimination or harassment and respect the right of employees to work in an environment that is free from any form of unlawful discrimination or harassment;
  • We will not tolerate any form of unlawful or criminal conduct including, but not limited to, bribery and corruption;
  • We will comply at all times with all applicable legislation, common law, industry codes, and MiWay’s policies and procedures;
  • We will subscribe to the principle of transformation and equal opportunities;
  • We will maintain a healthy and productive work environment and comply with all applicable health and safety policies;
  • We will protect and maintain the property and information of MiWay, its employees and its clients.
  • We will manage and mitigate all conflicts or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • We will not allow our private interests to interfere with MiWay’s interests;
  • We will protect MiWay’s reputation by adhering to good governance practices and honouring confidentiality;
  • We will value the rights and dignity of others and the environment; and
  • We will use MiWay’s resources responsibly and effectively.