How to report a claim

In the unfortunate event of you having to submit a claim, MiWay tries to make a potentially confusing process as hassle-free as possible.

This can be a confusing time, made worse by the fact that a claim typically follows a loss - which may be an accident, theft or damage to your vehicle or home.

  • Your first step is to report the incident to the police.
    Depending on the incident which led to the claim, you may need to provide supporting documentation; generally, at a minimum, a police case number is required.
    SAPS emergency number: 10111

Remember to keep all your documentation relating to the claim somewhere safe, as we’ll most likely need it during the process.

  • Register your claim with MiWay
    MiWay is all about doing hassle-free insurance. We therefore offer you four different ways of registering your claim with us:
  1. Online self-service insurance claims
    Registered MiWay clients can submit a claim using MiXpress. Once logged in, select the "Lodge a Claim" menu item to lodge your claim. 
  2. Using MiWay’s mobile app
    The app features an innovative step-by-step tool which is especially useful in the aftermath of an accident, prompting the policyholder to use their smartphone to take pictures of the scene and submit them together with the claim. Download the app now.
  3. Email to inform us of your claim: we will contact you for further information.
  4. Phone 0860 64 64 64

Please note: Only once you have received a claim reference number has your claim been lodged in our system.