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3 mistakes that could ruin your business

Very often we hear that "mistakes are inevitable" and that the lack thereof means we're not trying hard enough. Starting a business is often the realisation of a dream (that doesn't come without its own fears) and if you don't take your brilliant idea and turn it into a thriving business, someone else might… Unfortunately, the fear of not succeeding is human - and, somehow, we still need to face the music and get on with business. We have done some research to give you the edge and to

4 opportunities SMEs should look into this year

SMEs are the backbone of our country, and the R2.1 billion that has been allocated towards the funding of small businesses in the 2018 budget speech is testimony to this. Economic downgrades, VAT increases and general uncertainty about the future can, however, cast a shadow over the positive outlook this investment predicts. It's not all doom and gloom though; we have put together 4 opportunities that small businesses may like to look into this year: Give your business airtime. Creating aware

Ways to keep your information accessible for emergency situations

Over the last few weeks, we've shared various tips relating to an accident scene. To end off this series, courtesy of Arrive Alive, we have tips on how to make your medical and other personal information easily accessible in the event of an accident where you are unable to give it yourself for any reason - or any other medical emergency. There are different ways to make your information easily accessible in times of emergencies - here are some options to start you off: Keep all your important

5 ways to handle water rationing: business and home

With water restrictions now a reality in many areas, we have seen many questions from the public as to how to best protect their homes and businesses, should the water supply be interrupted. Unfortunately, in terms of insurance, drought, water rationing and the withholding of water by the authorities are not insurable risks or perils and therefore may not be covered by your insurance policy. Where you may be covered, is in the event of a secondary impact (for example, in the case of fire or flo

How to deal with language barriers at an accident scene

We're thick into our accident scene blog series where we've shared tips on what to say to accident victims, the types of consent you can get to be of help, how to help victims without causing further damage and how to deal with a challenging scene where victims are unable to communicate. One other challenge you could encounter when trying to communicate with victims is language. South Africa is a country that is diverse in languages and dialects, but what happens when the victim can't speak or

MiWay sponsors Wally Hayward Marathon for third consecutive year

MiWay has come aboard as the title sponsor of the new-look Wally Hayward Marathon - one of SA's major road marathons. The 2018 MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon, to be held on 1 May 2018 at the Centurion Rugby Club, now offers a total of R50 000 in prizes and features a new venue, new route and a new electronic timing system. The event, now entering its 42nd year, includes a 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km race, 5km race and is among the largest road marathons in South Africa, with entries capped at 13 000 for

Dealing with a challenging accident scene

Our recent accident scene blog series has shared tips to help you handle an accident scene with the required care and attention. But, what happens if the crash victims are unresponsive and unable to communicate due to the severity of their injuries - or they are heavily intoxicated? In this piece we share some more tips from our friends at Arrive Alive on how to still provide assistance at a challenging accident scene. Here's how you can collect critical information from a crash scene with unre

Ways to help seriously injured accident victims

There may come a time where you are witness to an accident scene or are the first to arrive. Having some basic knowledge on how to best handle the scene will aid you in giving the right kind of assistance without causing further harm. Every accident scene comes with its own challenges, communication being one of them. This could be as a result of severe injury, intoxication or shock - amongst other things. As part of the accident scene series, we're sharing some tips on how to still get the nec

Helping accident victims: The 3 types of consent you need

Accident scenes present a number of challenges when trying to lend a helping hand - whether you're a witness who is first on the scene or a medical professional. According to our friends at Arrive Alive, no matter the severity, when providing any form of assistance at an accident scene, consent is always required from the victim - even for medical professionals. These are the different types of consent that can be obtained from an accident victim (or given if you are a victim): Informed consen

3 things to say to accident victims if you are first on the scene

Accident scenes present many different challenges when trying to attend to the crash victims and get the necessary help. One such challenge is communication - you can either get lost in translation thanks to a language barrier, or the victim could be injured and unresponsive. Either way, there is critical information that is needed to ensure the correct handling of the scene. With help from our friends at Arrive Alive, we were able to put together a series of tips to help you handle an accident

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