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Important things to have checked out at the fuel station

For some drivers, a visit to the filling station is a quick in-an-out mission, and for others it's a little more, thanks to a quick maintenance check. The filling station certainly has more to offer than just a quick fill up stop. You may consider yourself a responsible car owner, however anything can happen when you least expect it - even to the most responsible individuals. Your car could send you an alert for caution or a pending hazard that needs immediate attention to prevent bigger proble

Share your way to urban mobility

With the increase of mobility solutions that are greener and cheaper in our urban areas, sharing a ride has fast become the "in thing" in South Africa. Not only is it convenient, it has freed many of us from bearing the traffic alone. Having two or more people sharing a ride can certainly come with some benefits - here are a few: Reduces traffic Getting more people in less cars with the aim of sharing a ride helps in reducing traffic congestion on the roads. This means having less cars on the

Time is money: Tips to help you use yours well

Entrepreneurs particularly have to learn how to do it all - something that's only possible if they learn how to manage their time. We hear a lot about the need to encourage the creation of small, entrepreneurial businesses in order to generate jobs and grow the economy, but less is said about just how difficult it is to turn that great idea into a sustainable business that actually makes money! Many small businesses never achieve their true potential because the entrepreneur who started them is

Don't 'plug-in' and drive

What can make traffic a little more bearable or make the time pass a little quicker than your favourite playlist? Blasting out the day and getting lost in music while driving may sound like a great idea, just not when your safety and that of other road users is at risk. A big part of staying safe on the road is dependent on your alertness and awareness of what is happening around you - using earphones while driving hinders this. It may get a little tempting to plug in your earphones on those lo

Don't cave in to hail damage: protect your car and home during a hailstorm

The rainy season may be refreshing; however, it doesn't come without its extremities that can result in chaotic damage. Often times these extreme weather conditions result in violent hailstorms that can lay waste to houses and cars in a matter of minutes. In order to weather the stormy season, you need to be as prepared as can you be and avoid the worst where possible. Here are some tips to help you protect your assets from the threats of mother nature: Your car Get under cover Unfortunately,

Claiming after a natural disaster: do it the right way

Disaster can strike at any minute and there are only so many precautionary measures one can take to minimise the loss or damage. Having home insurance means added security for you in your unexpected time of need. When mother nature strikes, you will have a shoulder to turn to without financially crippling yourself. Here are guidelines to help you claim in times of need: Contact your service provider Mother nature's ambush is often unavoidable; should you find yourself stranded it is wise to co

Preparing for the stormy season

With spring having settled in, it brings with it soaring temperatures and those all too familiar seasonal thunderstorms. As refreshing as the rain can be, it doesn't come without its dangers. While hail is a particularly notorious problem at this time of year, flash flooding can also be extremely dangerous - mainly for drivers caught on suddenly slippery roads. So, with stormy weather moving in fast, it is vital to prepare yourself for the attack. Here are a few steps you can take to help prepa

5 ways to get your home ready for the hail season

Now that spring has settled in, we can expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather. Extreme weather conditions over the years have caused extensive damage to property, forcing us to take precautionary measures more often than usual. As we approach the hail season, we can't ignore the lurking damage that comes with it. Avoiding a hailstorm may not always be possible, however there are measures one can take to minimise the damage to property. Use the checklist below to get your home ready

5 ways to increase the value of your home

The real-estate market is one that is ever growing and building a home is one of the greatest investments you can make. Having a home that is well maintained and in good condition is not only good on the eyes, it is also positive when the time to sell or rent comes. While you are still in the spirit of spring cleaning your home and prepping it for the new season's festivities, why not take it a step further and make some changes that would help increase its value? Before you talk yourself out o

Is your home ready for the fun times?

Spring is an exciting season to feel alive, more so with the flowers blooming and the sun shining warmer and brighter. What better way to enjoy the warmer days and feel alive than by entertaining and showing off your lovely home? With the first few weeks of spring already behind us and the first rains having fallen, why not ready your home for entertaining times with loved ones… While giving your home that extra spring in its step, you could possibly come across some new items you may ha

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