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Don't panic! Emergency vehicles on the way

Safe driving is about more than just having control over your vehicle - you have to be aware of your environment and any sudden actions you may have to take. Often times, these sudden actions involve accidents - be it avoiding one or making way for an emergency vehicle rushing to an accident scene. As a driver, hearing those sirens can send shivers down your spine and cause you to panic - conversely, if you're the one involved in the accident, it will bring a sigh of relief. Emergency vehicles

Home assistance with MiWay

There's nothing like a long weekend to sneak in some down time or to catch up with your favourite TV programme! With this upcoming one being an extra-long weekend, you can finally get to those things you just haven't had the time to do - be it some reading, DIYing or simply being lazy. Unfortunately, life happens - your geyser could burst or you could find yourself locked out of your own home. The last thing you need getting in the way of you and your long weekend at home is a situation that co

4 tips to tackle roadside emergencies

Staying calm in the event of your car breaking down in the middle of your journey is not the easiest of things to do. Roadside emergencies can be frightening and in some cases life-threatening. No matter what your situation, your main aim should be getting help and out of that predicament as safely and quickly as possible. This is where Roadside Emergency Assistance comes in. Here are 4 quick tips to get you through a roadside emergency this long weekend: Keep emergency contacts at hand. Keep

Here's how to avoid the border-crossing blues

The April holidays are nearly upon us, and soon our roads will be filled with vehicles packed with families or friends rushing to make their way to various destinations. If you will be travelling out of the country, keep in mind that the borders will be just as busy as to roads leading to them. Getting through border gates can be a stressful part of your travel - even more so if you don't have what you need. One of the most important aspects of preparing for your trip is to ensure that you have

Become part of MiWay's Development department!

We're not just about insurance... MiWay's environment allows team members to realise their full potential through sharing of knowledge and helping others to learn and grow. Where would you fit into MiWay's vision to move our company forward? What makes the MiWay Development team different? Innovation and creativity are two concepts that we endeavour to nurture in our environment. We have regular 'Code Katas' and 'Coffee Sessions' where anyone (departmental or not) is welcome to participate, pr

Keep calm, the MiWay App is here!

April brings along with it the much-loved and needed break that public holidays bring; however, due to the high volumes of road users during this time, the risks of accidents, roadside emergencies and other related incidents tend to spike. While road tripping to or from your loved ones or your favourite holiday destination, you need peace of mind that there's a simpler, easier way to get through unfortunate circumstances on the road. We may not be able to do anything about the traffic you stand

6 key ways to build a successful remote business

Picture yourself clinching a big deal on your laptop or being part of a meeting without even having to leave home - the evolution of technology has made this possible. Besides good planning, there are many factors to consider when building and setting up a successful remote business. Here are other key things to help you on your way: Get your technology sorted. Technology is what makes running a remote business possible, so a non-negotiable is excellent and reliable internet connectivity. Once

6 car safety innovations you cannot live without

As the world delves deeper into the digital space, innovation has fast become the order of the day. If you take a look at your personal possessions, you will most certainly find something that has evolved over the years - your car being one of them. Auto manufacturers are continuously working to improve the performance and safety of cars with the help of technology. The latest innovations in car safety aren't just there for the "cool" factor or to look attractive (although many features do add

Your silence is our signal.

Imagine this was you… Unfortunately, this is a scenario that many road users could find themselves in - a great day suddenly ends in debris from accident impact. In so many instances one isn't always able to assist themselves, let alone others in the event of an accident. Your phone could either be damaged or lost, or worse, you are injured, unconscious - or just aren't able to call for help. What happens then? We all need to be able to rely on someone that will step in and help us whe

5 ways cellphones aid road safety

They beep, buzz and ring - whether it's a phone call or a Twitter notification, our mobile phones have become our very miniature and convenient connection to the rest of the world. If you take a moment to look around you right this moment, you will most probably notice someone who has a mobile device in their hand or who just put one down. The world is become more and more digital, and one almost can't begin to imagine a life without a cell phone. They keep us connected to the rest of the world

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