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How to safely entertain yourself in traffic

If you live in any big city in South Africa, you are probably used to sitting in traffic. For some of us, it's a reality that we face on a daily basis on our way to work! Rather than sitting in your car getting frustrated, here are some ideas on how to entertain yourself in traffic: Listen to audio books Don't have time to read at home? Why not listen to audio books? The internet has many sites where you can download free classics. You could also find out if that book you have been intending to

10 top tips for balancing work and studies

Furthering your education is one of the best ways to advance your career, but for many, the idea of studying while working full time is daunting. Although difficult, balancing your family, job, and obligations while studying can certainly be done. Here are 10 tips to help you on your journey to get that degree or certification you've always wanted and give your career a boost. Plan well. Find out in advance what your deadlines are and display them where you can clearly see them. Make good use

8 car hacks you don't want to miss!

We spend a lot of time in our cars. Check out these ingenious car hacks you can use today that will make life easier and make your car experience more enjoyable.

Riding out the Tough Times

MiWay's Head of Online Marketing, Rory Judd, shares his thoughts on "riding out the tough times". At some time in your career, you will probably be faced with a situation that is not quite going your way. Here are five practical tips when facing a tough situation: 1. See the bigger picture and find positives in what you are busy with - whether you are genuinely enjoying what you are doing or whether you are learning and growing your skills. 2. Don't complain, be accountable and get on with the

Easy Access to a Flat Excess

Do you know what your excess will be in the event of a claim and specifically in the event of a total loss? A policy document is not generally regarded as exciting bedtime reading. The pertinent fine print can sometimes be missed by policyholders, as the document can be lengthy and filled with legalese. Unfortunately, unless you have paid attention during the sales process, you may be missing out on very relevant information: such as what your excess is in the event of a claim and more specif

But it wasn't my fault!

Is an excess payable whenever you submit a claim, regardless of whether the incident was your fault or not? Unfortunately the answer is yes. In the case of a motor vehicle accident, the excess is a contribution that you are required to pay towards a claim you have made (based on the contractual obligations you agreed to in the policy document). If the accident is not your fault, the damage to your vehicle (which includes the excess) can be recovered from the other party involved. Your insura

Tips and tricks for safe online shopping

With Christmas is just around the corner, you might be considering avoiding the long queues and the busy malls for the convenience of buying online. Internet shopping has definitely made life easier by making it possible to shop anytime and anywhere and even comparing prices from different sites at the same time - but it has also made us vulnerable to cybercrime. Here are some tips to bear in mind when shopping online: Use a strong password The longer the password, the better. Include numbers,

Tis the season to be merry...and responsible

As another festive season gets underway, and with it the inevitable parties, gatherings and other occasions where a few beers and wines are likely to be shared, there should be no excuses for not being responsible. Today, there are many options available to get home safely - when those options aren't available, the responsible thing to do is not to drink if you are driving. You may think that you can drive after having a few drinks, but are you actually aware of the ways in which alcohol affect

Animals on the road? Here's what to do

With many of us driving to our favourite holiday destinations, motorists need to be aware of the dangers they may face on South Africa's roads - and how to avoid them. While other drivers and pedestrians are perhaps the biggest source of concern, drivers must also be aware of potholes and other obstructions - and you also need to keep a careful lookout for animals wandering into the path of your vehicles. At all times, drivers should be alert and vigilant to these and other potential threats. N

Service Hero: Mmina Mangonyane

We're so proud of our final Service Hero for 2015, Mmina Mangonyane - and we want to brag about her! "Service Heroes" is a platform to recognise those customer services agents who have flown the MiWay flag high and received fantastic compliments on HelloPeter.com. December 2015's Service Hero, Mmina Mangonyane, tells us more about herself: 1. Which department do you represent and what role do you play in keeping our clients happy? I represent the Client Services department. I always make sure I

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