5 Hacks To Freshen Up Your Garden (On A Budget)

With the fresh breeze of a new season blowing in, it’s time to get those gardens ready to blossom with beauty!

Gardening doesn’t have to be costly or confined to a season; keep your plants looking good by using what you’d usually throw away:

  1. Go bananas! After you’ve enjoyed your banana, simply slice up the peel to share with your plants. Mix the peels into the soil of your garden bed to give your plants a potassium boost. If you have roses, they will love it – it’s especially good for them!
  2. Cup of tea, anyone? A good cup of tea can go a really long way – it’s a great natural fertiliser that deters unwanted slugs and snails. After making your favourite cup of rooibos, break the bag and sprinkle the tea leaves over your garden bed.
  3. I love it when the coffee’s done! When it comes to caffeine, it’s not only a great starter to your day, it’s also a pest deterrent for your plants. So, once your next pot of coffee is finished, scatter the old grinds into your garden instead of tossing them away.
  4. Walking on eggshells. Not only are eggs good for you, their shells can also be add a much-needed punch of nutrition to your garden too. Egg shells release calcium into the soil, helping to nourish plants while also acting as a pest deterrent (thanks to the sharp edges). So, next time you crack an egg open, let the shells dry out, crush them and sprinkle them around your plants.
  5. Home-brewed fertiliser. As frustrating as weeds are, they can also be useful in the very environment in which they thrive. Pluck the weeds from your garden to make a nourishing tea that you can use to water your garden with. This will help to replace the missing nutrients in the soil.

At MiWay, we don’t just insure your beautiful home  – we enable you to concentrate on the things that make you happy – like working in your garden. We want you to live life your way.

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