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Insuring your Vehicle for the Best Value

Car insurance companies acknowledge the fact that your car might be your most valuable asset which is why they offer a variety of affordable options that are suited to a range of budgets. Yet, we often feel perplexed when it comes to which cover is best suited to our vehicles, and feel that we've struck it lucky when we take a look at the insurance quote and see a low premium. Little do we know that we could ultimately be shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to taking out insurance at

First-time driver? How to Get Affordable Car Insurance Cover

It's an unfortunate reality that first-time drivers may pay higher premiums than drivers who have been on the road for longer. This is due to the fact that insurance companies do not have any driver history with which to determine their risk, and in addition to this, many accidents are attributed to younger drivers who do not strictly adhere to road rules. But what if you're a responsible young driver who is looking to get off on good financial footing when driving your first car? You deserve a

Be Seatbelt Savvy

Many road users are not aware of the laws surrounding seatbelts. Seatbelt use is required by law in South Africa, not only by the driver and the passenger in the front seat, but backseat passengers too. Vehicle insurance claims have shown that there are an alarmingly high number of injuries caused to front-seat passengers due to being hit by unsecured passengers in the backseat. This means that everyone in the vehicle should be buckled up. Unsecured passengers can distract the driver, leading to

All about Pedestrian Safety

When driving on the roads, many of us may forget all about pedestrians as we navigate our way through traffic and avoid nasty obstacles such as potholes and sharp bends. As a result, it comes as no surprise to discover that pedestrians actually make up quite a high percentage of annual road deaths in South Africa. In order to become better drivers, along with sorting out our vehicle insurance, we all need to start thinking more about the safety of those on foot. Here are some tips to keep in min

MiWay announces record growth in financial performance

MiWay has announced the best results in its short history, with underwriting margin and operating profit to end December 2014 delivering record numbers and Gross written premium reaching R1.49b. For the 2014 full year, the company reported an underwriting margin of 11%, making a R170m contribution to their holding company Santam's profit; an increase of 14% in gross written premium; and a decrease of 8% in the loss ratio to an effective 57.4%. The company is the direct insurance arm of Santam, b

Tough Times Ahead

René Otto, MiWay CEO, said the (financial) industry faces challenges such as tough economic conditions in the country that leads to consumers lapsing policies and/or defaulting on premiums. He said this is turn, leads to losses when claims are rejected due to non-payment of premiums and strong competition in the market also leads to downward pressure on premiums and profits. Otto indicated that regulatory change, especially the volume and pace thereof, puts pressure on resources. However,

MiWay Releases Animated Video Entitled ‘4 Reasons You Need Car Insurance'

Johannesburg, South Africa - MIWAY has just released its fun and educational animated video, '4 Reasons You Need Car Insurance', which is dedicated to explaining the top four reasons why everyone needs car insurance in South Africa. Many people believe that because they adhere to rules of the road, do not drive under the influence and always keep to an acceptable speed, that they do not need car insurance. After all, if you are such a good driver, why should there ever be any reason for you to b

Why Checking Your Tyres Regularly is Important

Your tyres are critical to the overall performance of your car. They are also the only contact between your car and the road. If your tyres are badly worn, it doesn't matter if your brakes are in the best of shape, because if your tyres can't transmit the traction and braking force that you exert on them, your car will slip. Tyres with non-existent tread also won't have the capability to disperse water in a safe manner, meaning that your moving car will also start slipping and sliding as soon as

Is it Time for a New Car?

You clearly love your trusty vehicle. After all, it's taken you on many journeys and you've had many laughs, tears and conversations in it. You've travelled to holiday destinations in it, you've offered lifts to people, and you've probably even stood on the side of the road in dismay as you stared at your deflated tyre. You may not be swayed by the alluring adverts for sparkling new cars with all the bells and whistles; you may not even be swayed by the car insurance adverts assuring you of affo

5 Awesome Car Apps

Along with car insurance, every driver needs to have one or two handy "car-related" apps installed on their smartphones. With technology always evolving, it is no wonder that there are now hundreds of amazing apps out there, most of which have been designed to help us cope with the stresses of everyday life. The great news is that many car-journey apps make it easier for us to navigate our way through traffic, to keep up to date with our car's fuel economy and to connect with other drivers. Here

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