Relieve stress and live for the moment

Mookho, a Legal Advisor at MiWay, shares her thoughts and experiences of living for the moment.

The holiday season is upon us and I am sure most of you have already planned to go somewhere with family or friends - that’s great.  However, not everything should be planned, and nor should great events only be confined to the festive season!

It’s the same routine…go, go, go!

Do you wake up, prepare the kids for school, and all that comes with being a working mom/dad… and then after work, do a similar routine – only now you make sure everyone is clean and then go on to prepare a nice meal for the family. After a long day, all you want to do is sleep but you can hardly do so because you may have taken some work home… so you will probably get to bed very late… and do the same thing again next day. 

Sounds monotonous right?  These days we all find ourselves way too busy with work. Being moms, wives, husbands, sisters – you name it - we forget to be ourselves.  Sometimes you just need to drop everything and do…. yourself!

It’s time to stop, re-evaluate and create an answer to the question “should I, or what if?”

Life is too short to keep procrastinating and postponing - live for the moment!  Go on and try something new, something you never thought you would do. Go bungee jump or sky diving - conquer that fear of heights. Challenge yourself and watch it bring you FREEDOM.

I say “live life like it’s your last” - meaning don’t live a life of regrets - learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to learn every day. 

Living for the moment does not only apply to your personal life - who’s to say that you can’t make your working environment fun?

One of our values at MiWay is Freedom; we are free to express ourselves or come up with innovative ideas to improve our industry. It’s always good to take some of these values from your work space and apply them in your daily lives. 

Come up with ideas constantly (trust me - you will always be that cool employee), suggest a family day over the upcoming weekend, a Friday braai after work or just unwind as colleagues (don’t get too comfortable though, you still need to work with them). When you are relaxed, you are able to think straight - this is a fact, not just my opinion. By doing this, you will feel also more motivated to jump out of bed in the mornings.

Need some inspiration? Have a read through these creative ideas to relieve stress in the workplace.

Start looking at life in another way, not just any life, YOUR life.

You are as important as anyone else in your life – if not more. As Zig Ziglar says: “You are FREE to choose but you are not FREE from the consequence of your choice”. 

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