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All Those Things You Should Have Checked at the Fuel Station

You consider yourself a responsible car owner, right? You have vehicle insurance, you adhere to the rules of the road, you service your car regularly and you keep an eye on those warning lights. If something starts flashing, you have it sorted out. It's not necessary to have the oil, water, tyres and what-have-you checked every time you go to the petrol station, right? Wrong. The problem is that by the time your warning lights start to flash, you've already started causing damage to your engine

How to choose an insurer

Dear Reader, Welcome to my Blog! I look forward to healthy debates and frank discussions. To get things going, I want to share some ideas with you on how to choose an insurance company. When choosing an insurer to cover your vehicle, there are various factors to consider depending on your unique profile. But regardless of who you are and what you drive there are certain standard tell-tale signs to look out for when choosing a quality, dependable insurer. Sometimes cheaper monthly premiums could

Life and Business Lessons from Comrades

The mystique of the Comrades Marathon captures the imagination of South Africans around May/June every year. The organisers call it 'The Ultimate Human Race', and many commentators and experts contend that it is the greatest ultra marathon in the world. It certainly is the only foot race of 90km in the world that attracts around 13,000 participants every year. In 2000 it attracted a massive 20,000 runners. In addition to the runners, some 300,000 spectators come out to provide support along

Online Comments Forum

To invite clients to post comments - positive or negative - on our website, took more than just a huge dose of courage. We were potentially opening ourselves up for massive reputational damage. If we delivered consistently poor service, and all the comments were negative, it could have done more harm than good. It could have exposed us as inept, hopeless, below par. On the positive side, however, it would portray us as transparent and truly committed to customer satisfaction and awesome service

The role of Culture in an Organisation

With the World Cup upon us, words like 'team spirit', 'gees', 'attitude', 'motivation' and 'passion' are often heard. The general consensus is that a happy team with great team spirit is often a winning team. In fact, team spirit is often the only differentiator between two teams. In my mind, it is no different in the business world. Team spirit is derived from the culture in a team or organisation. The competitive business world is like a war zone. Companies are trying to outsmart each other al

Serendipitous Windfall

Life at MiWay is progressing really well. We have managed to weather the credit crunch storm, built a strong desirable brand, gained critical mass and all our operational processes are running like clockwork. The most pleasing of all, is the fact that the business has reached break-even on a month-by-month basis. All this has been achieved in a highly competitive market and in tough economic times. We have reason to feel satisfied indeed. The most amazing part of our journey so far, however, has

Reflections on Achievement

In the last couple of months, we have celebrated the successful conclusion of our third year in business and we also reached the 100,000 client mark, a milestone which economists and statisticians say many new businesses never get to see. This must be particularly true for those brave entrepreneurs who embarked on their journey at the same time as MiWay. At that stage there was no hint of the financial crisis that would cripple the economies of the world, instead our economy was buoyant, South

Staying relevant – why MiWay embraces social media

Many big brands are still nervous about social media as it undermines the complete control demanded by old-style marketing mindsets. Acknowledging and even supporting the fact that your customers talk among themselves, and want to talk to you (and about you), is very threatening to that mindset. But at MiWay we believe that engaging in conversation with our customers is the only way to stay relevant to them. And relevance, we have come to realize, is far more important to our business than being

Focus on doing the fundamentals right and the scoreboard will look after itself

We at MiWay recently experienced an unexpected but pleasing purple patch. On 4 October we were announced winners of the Ask Africa Orange Index Survey for Service Excellence in the Short-Term Insurance category, and on 5 October we were declared winners in two categories of the Deloitte Best Company to Work For survey, namely the winner of the Financial Services - Insurance category, as well as overall winner of the Medium Company Category. Both surveys are prestigious and coming out tops in the

Success breeds Succcess

Time flies when you're having fun. It's amazing to think that we're already in May. The year is indeed flying! Life at MiWay is better than ever. Although we have previously had the odd profitable month, we have now enjoyed a fair number of consecutive profitable months. It is, at last, safe to say we've emerged well and alive and kicking from "the valley of death". The latter is a term used to describe the period between launching a new venture to the point where it starts making profit. The re

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