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MiWay keeps you in the loop

Innovative short-term insurer MiWay has made its claims process even more user-friendly with the launch of the AutoWatch system from Audatex. The service improves communication between panel beaters and MiWay customers, keeping customers informed, in real-time, on the progress of their car repairs. "Accidents happen and are very often a stressful time," says Max Huggins, head of claims at MiWay. "Thanks to the introduction of the AutoWatch system, we're able to remove the stress of not knowing h

Looking for insurance? Don't shop aroundshop online, with MiXpress from MiWay!

If you enjoy the convenience and flexibility of shopping and banking online, you'll love MiXpress from MiWay. This innovative insurance shopping portal allows you to get household and car insurance quotes, sign up for the insurance products you want and manage your entire insurance portfolio quickly and effortlessly, all online. MiXpress was the first online portal of its kind in South Africa when it was originally launched in 2008. It was the only online engine capable of accurately quoting and

How to have an epic, and incident-free, Easter break.

For many, the timing of the Easter holidays is just perfect. After a busy festive season and frantic start to the year, you take advantage of all the public holidays to get out of town, unwind in great weather, and explore our beautiful country. But sadly, the Easter weekend is also a traffic accident nightmare, with up to 100 people dying on the roads every day, according to the South African Ministry of Transport. The government has committed to halving road accident fatalities by 2020 - the e

MiWay: Five, alive and full of drive

Short-term insurer MiWay celebrates its fifth birthday this week. Still firmly in place is MiWay's passion to break the mould and give customers what they actually want. The company's launch in February of 2008 was met with quiet scepticism by industry observers. The highly-competitive short-term insurance sector was dominated by a handful of established giants and the success of a new entrant seemed unlikely. Yet, despite tough competition and an unexpected global financial crisis, MiWay is fiv

MiWay simplifies claims with Submit, Shoot, Send

Innovative short-term insurer MiWay has launched a new facility that will both simplify and speed up the claiming process. Carine Conradie-Haffejee, MiWay's head of marketing, explains: "With our Submit, Shoot, Send service clients can not only log their claim online but also submit pictures of the damage via email. In over half of accidents this will mean it is no longer necessary to have your car assessed at an assessment centre." The picture submission service forms part of MiWay's ongoing u

Watch out – flash-flood warnings this weekend!

WeatherSA has issued a statement warning South Africans of heavy rains over the weekend. Parts of the country affected will be North West, Gauteng, Northern Free State, KZN, Limpopo and Mpumalanga from today until Sunday, 20 January. The heavy rains will cause rivers and streams to flow heavily, which might cause flash-floods. We think that prevention is better than cure, so here are our top 5 tips to weather the storms: BE AWARE. If you live in low-lying areas or near flood-lines - take care w

Get your home ready for rain!

With flash-floods and heavy rains a reality, protecting your home and belongings should be top priority for all South Africans! Here are some practical things to do which could save you money and hassle later: Check your roof for leaks or water spots and fix any leaks with a reputable repairer before the heavy rains come. Have regular maintenance work done on your roof! You should inspect your roof annually and replace broken, damaged or missing roof tiles. Corrugated or metal roofs should have

Damaged windscreen? Repair today to stop cracks in their tracks!

Your car's windscreen is one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, but also one of the most neglected. Think about it, we check our car's oil, water, tyres and brakes. We service them regularly and make sure all the working parts are properly maintained. Unfortunately, small windscreen chips and cracks are unavoidable - and although they don't usually constitute an immediate risk, leaving them unattended could compromise the strength of your windscreen and, as a result, the ove

Exclusive offer for MiWay clients - Get your windscreen chip repaired for FREE!

We at MiWay are constantly looking for ways to make things easier for you. So we've partnered up with reputable service providers to bring you this awesome deal. Accidents happen and it's easy for a stone to just jump in front of you and chip your windscreen while driving. Because most windscreen chips can be safely repaired*, it makes sense to get them fixed as soon as possible before they end up causing more damage, and causing you to claim. It'

ADT discounts for MiWay clients!

We're proud to announce a great partnership with ADT to bring you another exclusive offer just in time for the holiday season! As a MiWay client, you can benefit in the one of 4 easy ways: New ADT clients qualify for 15% discount off of a new alarm system*! If you switch from your current security company to ADT, you will receive a free link and two month's free subscription*. Rent an alarm system and pay only R599 for installation. Existing ADT clients will also qualify for specials on upgrad

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