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MiWay and The Workspace set to help boost entrepreneurs' businesses

The Workspace and MiWay have joined forces to launch an entrepreneurial hub and business development programme at the newly developed Village Road premises in Selby in Johannesburg's central business district. MiWay's presence at Village Road will give members the convenience of having business insurance and a host of other requirements fulfilled at their place of work whenever it suits them. A very exciting competition for SME owners / entrepeneurs, launched in March, where the winner will be

4 benefits of implementing standardised processes for your small business

Whether you call it: Business Process Management, BPM, Standardised Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures - standardising processes within your business boils down to running your business smartly and giving it a competitive edge. Here are 4 benefits of having standardised processes in your business: Cost effectiveness. The biggest benefit of good business process management (BPM) is cost effectiveness. Businesses ultimately need to maximise the efficiency of the costs they incur and th

Chat your way through your insurance

Ever wished for an 'easier' and 'simpler' way of sorting out your insurance - without having to spend your precious airtime? Imagine chatting to an agent in real-time for any insurance queries you may have! Not only do we at MiWay value good service and happy clients, we also understand that time is everything. So, we've taken into consideration your time and desire for a better, simpler insurance experience. We have an online team waiting to chat to you. MiWay has made it possible for you to m

Truck drivers: their health is your wealth

It is well-known that South Africa has some of the worst road-safety statistics in the world. The death or injury of loved ones exacts a high social cost, but accidents also hit the economy hard - business vehicles have to be repaired or replaced and often goods in transit are destroyed or delayed. Many truck drivers on our roads today suffer from sleep deprivation, back and neck problems, poor lifestyle and fitness habits, as well as stress. These problems contribute to drivers being unhealthy

Adding stuff to your policy: easy as 1,2,3

Whether through buying, spring cleaning your home and discovering hidden valuables or checking your insurance to see what's what - there is bound to be something that you realise needs to be added to your insurance policy - like, yesterday! Adding things - home contents or movables - doesn't have to be a long dragged-out process… As part of giving you good service, MiWay has made things a little easier for you - you can add the newly acquired or recently (re)discovered items to your insu

Coworking spaces: 3 things to look out for

South Africa's small business sector continues to grow, with SMMEs now accounting for over 36% of the country's GDP. Many of these entrepreneurs are, however, unable to sustain their business operations due to limited support and countless administrative hassles. These business owners also suffer as a result of reduced opportunities for collaboration and networking, with many working from home or out of small offices that leave them with little exposure to other like-minded business owners. Ho

4 steps to smarter saving

The increase in VAT that has come upon us as South Africans means that the cost of living will go up more than the usual expected yearly increase. Tightening your financial belt doesn't only mean sacrificing your daily expenditure - your savings may just feel it too. Consider these tips to help you dial down your debt and start putting away real money for a rainy day: Bank at least 20%. Ideally, at least 20% of your income should go towards savings. This may sound like a lot at one go, however

6 ways to win at long-distance drives

With the long weekend right at our doorsteps, most of us are either finishing off our packing or gearing up to hit the road for a well-deserved break. If you are going to be on the road this long weekend for a long distance trip, there are certain safety measures and precautions to take into account to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely - and have fun along the way. Long distances trips may sound daunting, but with the right prep and your loved ones coming along for the ride, it

Don't let an emergency steal your holiday joy this Easter break

Did someone say long weekend? The Easter holidays are upon us, which means Easter egg hunts, family time and some long distance driving could be on the cards for many of us. With all the traveling and festivities during the holiday time, the last thing you need is an emergency that will not only change your plans but also set you back financially. This Easter, we're helping you get more than road-trip ready - we're gearing you up to enjoy a pleasant break, even despite possible emergencies. Her

4 (comforting) facts about air bags

When it comes to your safety, and that of your loved ones, there should never be any compromise. Reliable car insurance, seatbelts that are in working order and functioning airbags are some of the no-compromise areas in a car Since they were first installed in vehicles back in the 1970s, airbags have become a compulsory safety feature for all motor cars, saving the lives of countless drivers all over the globe. We've taken the time to put together 4 quick facts about airbags: What's popping? A

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