Broadform Public Liability Cover

Broadform Liability cover is a wide form of commercial liability insurance and is generally more comprehensive than a typical public liability policy.

Protect yourself, your employees and your business against third party claims.

Get covered for third party injury and/or property damage incurred on your premises or as a result of your products or services.

  • Broadform Public Liability provides cover in connection with the policyholder’s usual business activities
  • Employers’ Liability cover for, or arising out of, injury to any employee from or during the course of employment is automatically included in this cover.

Product Liability cover is strongly recommended!

Even if your business does not manufacture products, the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) includes "services supplied" in the definition of a product. Therefore, it is recommended that service providers also purchase Product Liability along with Public Liability cover.

  • Product Liability provides cover for liability incidents from products sold, manufactured or distributed by the policyholder.
  • Defective Workmanship Liability* as well as Work Away cover* is automatically included in MiWay's Product Liability cover.

*Defective workmanship refers to when you are held legally liable for damage to a third party’s property or injury to others after you have completed and handed over work, due to any defect, error or omission in the work carried out. *Work away cover extends your cover to premises other than your business address while you are conducting work-related activities there.

Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits. Get in touch with us or refer to our policy wording for more details.