Business insurance for Ubers

What will your Uber be insured for?

As an Uber driver, it is up to you which perils you would like to be covered for. Your options are as follows:

  • Accidental and intentional damage
  • Theft and hi-jack
  • Damage to glass (when accidental damage to the vehicle is included in your cover)
  • Acts of nature which include hail, wind, storm, floods, earthquake and lightning
  • Fire and explosion
  • Third party liability up to a maximum value of R5 000 000

Why insure your Uber vehicle with MiWay?

The following additional covers are automatically included and the limits can be increased:

  • Towing and recovery
  • Keys and remotes
  • Roadside assistance

The following covers are included at a flat limit:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Emergency medical costs
  • Personal accident cover

You have the option to insure your Uber for the following values:

Retail Value: which is the current selling price of the make and model of your vehicle on the dealership floor (dependent on the condition and mileage of your vehicle);

Market Value: which is the average value between the Retail and the Trade values (dependent on the condition and mileage of your vehicle)

Trade Value: which is the current purchase price of the make and model of your vehicle by a dealership (dependent on the condition and mileage of your vehicle)

Need more cover? Add these optional products to your Uber car insurance policy:

  • Vehicle loss of use (which can be used to rent another vehicle while yours is:
    - damaged and being repaired
    - damaged and not drivable
    - stolen or hijacked
  • Credit shortfall
  • Deposit cover
  • Passenger liability   

You are also able to select whether to have a single regular driver, list multiple drivers or have unspecified pool drivers.


Terms and conditions apply to all products, services and benefits mentioned above.

We do not cover vehicles used for emergency services; law enforcemen; towing; transporting of explosives; fireworks; arms and ammunition; asbestos and asbestos products; chemicals and petroleum products or motor racing.