Motor Traders Insurance

Whether you’re responsible for a car dealership, a car wash, a vehicle repair shop or a service centre, as a member of the motor trade industry, you need a unique insurance solution to suit the needs of your business. 

As your business grows, so does your liability for damage, loss or repair costs caused to the vehicles in your care – whether they’re stored on your premises or not, and that’s why MiWay is proud to offer Motor Traders insurance

What will your Motor Traders business be covered for?

Create a solution to suit your business! It is up to you which perils you would like to cover. Your options are as follows:

  • Accidental and intentional damage
  • Impact
  • Theft
  • Fire and explosion
  • Storm, wind, hail, snow and earthquake
  • Lightning
  • Towing and recovery
  • Geyser and pipes
  • Third Party Liability

Which type of Motor Traders insurance cover is right for my business?  

When determining the type of Motor Traders cover that is right for your business, think about the types of risks you need to be covered for.

Internal Motor Traders insurance provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles whilst on the premises of the insured business. 

You may, for example, run a dealership, and regularly need to move vehicles between display bays on your property. However, while being moved, this vehicle could collide with another one, resulting in serious damage to both cars.

External Motor Traders insurance provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles not kept on your premises. 

If you own a vehicle repair business, for example, and an employee of yours is involved in an accident while test driving a client’s vehicle following the repair, you, as the employer, can be held liable for the damage caused to the vehicle in your care. 

Besides the list of standard perils, you can also choose to add cover for towing and recovery or roadside assistance.



Internal Motor Traders Insurance

External Motor Traders Insurance

Subsidence and landslip
Damage caused by the movement of land resulting from natural shifts or human activity, causing structural damage to the property.


Car, van or truck hire
An alternative vehicle will be provided if the insured business vehicle is not driveable due to loss or damage.


Vehicle Loss of Use
Similar to the car hire option, but offers remuneration to mitigate the loss experienced if you are unable to use your insured business vehicle due to loss or damage.


Glass and Signage
Loss or damage to vehicle window glass as well as signage, sign-writing and window treatments.



Driver Dishonesty
Cover against loss, damage, injury and liability which would otherwise have been excluded due to dishonest behaviour by the driver of the insured vehicle.




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