Insure two cars and save *25%!

At MiWay, our purpose is to enable you to live your way. We are encouraging our clients to pool their insurable assets together and start saving – just one of the benefits of a consolidated policy!

A typical family with two cars will get up to 25% off on the cheapest car’s premium and up to 15% discount on your building cover if you choose to insure your cars and your building with MiWay.

Basically, the more you insure with us, the more you save!

  • Insure 2 cars and get up to 25% off the cheapest premium 
  • Insure 3 cars and get up to 50% off the cheapest premium 
  • Insure 4 cars and get up to 75% off the cheapest premium 
  • Insure at least one car and add building cover and get up to 15% off your building insurance.

The concept of consolidation is not new to the industry, but MiWay’s discount offering stands out with significant savings for you – the client.

Please Note: To take out insurance on an item you must have insurable interest in the item. You have insurable interest if you will suffer a direct measurable financial loss should the item be lost or damaged.

You will receive a discount when adding additional products to your cover. The discount will vary depending on the combination of products you have. Should the combination change in future the discount will change and may even fall away.

* Premiums are risk profile dependent and increase annually, taking economic factors into account.