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Useful documents

Policy Wording

  • Personal Lines Insurance: Your non-life insurance policy wording relating to cover for vehicles, home contents, buildings and much more. 
  • Business Insurance: Your non-life insurance policy wording relating to cover for your business. 
  • Sasria Motor Policy Wording: Provides cover for your vehicles against damage or loss in motor cars, light delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor fleet, motor traders, mobile plant, buses, bus rapid transport (BRT) and trailers in an event of these being damaged as a results of strikes or riots. 
  • Sasria Property(Material) Damage Policy Wording: Provides cover for assets against losses or damages caused by riots, strikes, public disorder, civil commotion and terrorism of all domestic & commercial property, equipment, etc.
  • Sasria Business Interruption Policy Wording: Provides cover for the loss of business that occurs as a result strikes, riots, civil commotion, public disorder and terrorism.
  • MiSmart: MiSmart Cover now offers you the comfort of knowing you don’t have to drive around with small dents, scratches and a chipped windscreen caused by everyday motoring.
  • MiMotorCombo: MiWay’s chip, scratch, dent and tyre cover, offers you the comfort of knowing that a repair service is available to you with an affordable excess.
  • MiMotor Scratch and Dent: This policy sets out the general terms and conditions that apply to MiMotor Scratch and Dent Cover.
  • MiMotor Tyre and Rim: This policy sets out the general terms and conditions that apply to MiMotor Tyre and Rim Cover.
  • MiAccidental Death and Injury: The Accidental Death benefit covers the life insured for accidental death caused directly and solely as a result of bodily injury anywhere in the world.
  • MiWarranty: MiWay’s motor warranty cover will take care of the repair process of your vehicle, providing cover for most of your vehicle’s working parts.


  • MiHelp: This brochure details the 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency assistance, Emergency Alert and WeDrive service available to MiWay clients.
  • RoadCover: RoadCover ensures that victims of motor vehicle accidents have immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund claims management system with NO legal costs to themselves.

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