All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance is the cover you should, literally, never leave home without. From sunglasses to cellphones, from wallets to watches, from cameras to computers, make sure your belongings are covered.

MiWay’s All Risk Insurance product, called MiMovables, provides peace-of-mind cover for those items that go with you when you’re out and about.

Why choose MiWay's All Risk Insurance?

  • Affordable premiums, low flat excess
  • Fix your premiums for a period of 36 months
  • Buy your All-Risk Insurance online
  • Award-winning customer service and a hassle-free claims process - you can even manage the process online!
  • You are covered anywhere in the world

How do I get my stuff insured?

The All-Risk insurance product is linked to your MiHomeStuff insurance. Complete an insurance quote with MiWay – either online or telephonically. Assuming you find the premium affordable (which we are sure you will!) you agree to a start date for your new cover. 

MiWay will send you your documentation including a Coversheet (Policy schedule), which spells out the terms of your insurance policy and explains everything you need to know regarding your policy and car insurance in general.

Please remember to comply with any requirements (documents, certificates required, etc.) as this will influence whether you will enjoy insurance cover or not.

Did you know?

Generally, there are two All Risk Insurance options to choose from:

  • Unspecified All Risk Insurance – covers items valued at less than R 1500 like jewellery, sunglasses and the contents of your handbag. As the items change from day-to-day it would be impractical to list them each time you need them covered.
  • Specified All Risk Insurance – covers items valued at more than R 1500 per item If it’s valuable to you, you need to specify its value.


» For more information, consult our policy wording

* Premiums are risk profile dependent and increase annually, taking economic factors into account.