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Why would a florist need insurance for their flower shop?

As a professional florist, you have specialised business insurance needs that differ from other small businesses. You face risks such as the safety of customers visiting your shop, weather-related mishaps that might delay or damage important orders, damage to or theft of your business vehicles, and other challenges. Have you thought about insuring your floral business? Whether it's your first time buying business insurance, or you're updating your existing policy, here are some key business ins

The lines have been drawn ... stay in your lane!

Driving is a skill that many of us would like to believe we have mastered. Yes, you may have been driving for a while now, but just having that piece of paper or card officially proving that you are a legal driver doesn't mean that you are doing the right thing and you know what you're doing on the road. For instance - do you know when you are allowed to be driving in the yellow lane? How do you indicate when using a traffic circle? With thousands of drivers on our roads every day, it is easy

Give your home that extra spring in its step!

The time has come to pack away the heaters, swop your electric blankets for picnic blankets and start soaking up the fresh air... but is your home ready? During the last few months you have probably avoided certain areas of your home and opted to huddle up in the warmer areas (like your cosy lounge), and neglected other areas (for example, your patio or garden) because you would much rather stay in and keep warm, but change has come! Spring is literally here and that means less huddling and mor

Managing the hidden risks associated with trucking

The trucking industry is fraught with risks, from hijacking and theft through to damage caused by protest action. But the cost of a breakdown or accident extends beyond the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle alone, says MiWay. Morné Stoltz, Head of Business Insurance at MiWay, says the true costs and complexity of managing the aftermath of a hijacking or accident can come as a shock to the transport company, particularly if the business is new to the market. "According to MiWay

There's more to a race than just a win

In the spirit of celebrating the adventures of MiWayans, we asked MiWay's Head of Legal and Dispute Resolution (aka our Company Secretary), Heleen Honeyborne, to share her latest adventure at the Storms River Traverse with us - together with the lessons she took from that journey. What was I thinking when I forwarded my husband a mail from the organisers of the Storms River Traverse mountain bike race at the beginning of the year - asking "when will we do this again?" I should have known that

4 ways you could be wasting money

There's nothing like the excitement of moving into a new pozzie to inspire the decorator in you. If you're a first time home owner, the excitement is increased tenfold! You've just moved into a space that is ALL YOURS and you want to fill it immediately with your own personality, and you don't even know where to begin with all your ideas - so you go on a crazy shopping spree. Besides adding your own personality to your home, there will be other things that catch your attention and you think "I

How does my car become a Flaming Lambo?

You're driving on your usual route and you see smoke billowing out of a car stopped by the side of the road. No driver in sight, no accident scene - just the flaming car. Not a common sighting, but not an unknown risk either. After some of our MiWayans mentioned that they'd spotted a burning car on the side of the N1 last week, a conversation was sparked (pun intended) and it only made sense for us to share with you some of the reasons that could lead to your car going up in flames. What causes

Making your business our business - Goods in Transit cover

If you run a business which involves the transportation of goods, you may be well aware of the many risks involved during transit. Not only is your business's reputation dependent on the safe (and punctual) delivery of those goods to the customers who've paid for them, but you also have to consider the financial loss and the effects of the accident on the environment should an incident occur. Goods in Transit cover is the ideal cover to give you peace of mind should the goods you're carrying be

A step closer to Transformers Smart cars!

We've all been in this situation… you're in your car looking for parking and the only available spot is a tight one … how on earth are you going to fit into that? Well, car technology has evolved so much over the years that it has made life easier for the driver by taking such tough situations over - allowing you to leave parking (and other things) up to the latest technology! While we're still waiting for our cars to catch up to Optimus Prime and his 'Autobots', and autonomously

There's more to the exterior than just turning heads

We all want our set of wheels to look good, attract the right attention and turn heads. While having nothing to do with performance, the type of paint job on a car may influence its value based on the type of paint and the perception of the buyer. As much as a standard paint job can be practical, we want a car with a personality of its own - and that's exactly what a good paint job does. Here's what you need to know about metallic paint and its cousins, the pearlescent and matte look: Metallic

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