Have a Perfect Holiday: Enjoy a Staycation

Imagine a holiday that doesn’t involve traffic or rushing; instead, the kitchen is always open, the shops stock the type of food you like, the beds are comfortable, and the entertainment is whatever takes your fancy on the day. Sounds like Paradise? These are some of the benefits you can enjoy at home while others sweat their way to their holiday destinations and back while you enjoy a luxurious staycation.

These June holidays, follow these tips and make this your best staycation yet:

  • Get the chores done before the holiday begins. Nothing ruins a staycation faster than having to do laundry. Your daily routine shouldn’t be part of your staycation – you’re meant to be on holiday!
  • Go off the grid. Switch off cell phones and avoid e-mails. An enjoyable break starts by going tech-free and enjoying the company of those you are staycationing with.
  • Sleep in and stay up late. Treat yourself to breakfast in bed – this might take a bit of preparation, but even loading up the coffee machine before you go to bed will help.
  • Set the holiday scene by having some ‘luxuries’ like your favourite chocolates, wines, foods and goodies available.
  • Think about what you want to do. Most of us travel to new places but don’t know what is available on our doorsteps. A bit of online research, or a visit to a local tourist information centre, will probably surprise you.
  • Create a budget. You can spend a lot less by staying at home, but still, treat yourself to something you don’t usually make time for. You’ll thank us once the kids are back at school.
  • Book a local hotel room for a day or two. If your staycation is over a long weekend, consider a hotel stay. If you are living in Gauteng, the chances are that there will be great special offers available. You could end up getting ‘more hotel time for less money’ by booking into a local establishment.
  • Discover some new restaurants by visiting a part of town you usually don’t visit. Friends can also make recommendations for you to follow.

Finally, consider offering your house-sitting services to friends who are going on holiday. By visiting their homes, feeding dogs, switching on lights and making it look like they are still home you will be giving them peace of mind while they’re away. The payback? When they want to stay home sometime, it’s their turn to look after your house.

Remember to advise your friends that just because you’re house sitting, doesn’t mean that they can forget that insurance means assurance. Building and home contents insurance is a must!

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