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Don't make these new homeowner mistakes

Owning your first home is a huge milestone and something to be proud of. Apart from paying the mortgage, there are lots of other responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. Whether your dream home is brand new or needs a bit of work done, here are some common mistakes that you don't want to make. Rushing interior decorInjecting your personality into your space is a fun aspect that most homeowners look forward to. However, it is important to remember that you are probably going to be liv

The cars of the future are the cars of today

We all know how quickly times are changing, especially in this world of modern technology and all its aspects: wearable devices, telematics, virtual reality - and so on. Automobile manufacturers are doing everything in their power to ensure that their brand's vehicles will stay abreast of the current wave of technological advancements. Ten years ago, cars with built-in Bluetooth devices, on-board navigation, and parking-assist sensors were the domain of top luxury cars. These days, devices such

Why are your apples not the same as my potatoes?

Or... "Explaining relative sizing to non-Agile stakeholders" We've already mentioned that the developers at MiWay live out Agile methodology. A distinct part of Agile is "relative sizing" - a method of estimation used in Agile teams. The Agile Alliance Guide defines relative sizing (or relative estimation) as estimating tasks or user stories - not separately and in absolute units of time, but by comparison or by grouping of items of equivalent difficulty. "Relative sizing" has changed a lot in

What to do if your car breaks down on the highway

Breaking down in the middle of a busy highway is not an experience that anyone wants to go through. As much as we hope it won't happen, there is always a chance that you might break down. Follow these steps if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position: At the first sign of car trouble, remain calm and carefully make your way towards the emergency lane. If you need to change lanes, watch your mirrors and the traffic around you closely. If the road does not have an emergency lane, safe

Tips to burglar-proof your home

Unfortunately, crime and house burglaries are a reality in South Africa. Safety experts agree that the best way to deal with crime in the home is to take every step possible to prevent it from happening to you. Every person should know - at the very least - these basic yet important home security tips that will keep you, your family, and your home more safe and secure. Read through the tips and advice on how to deter criminals from breaking into your home. Burglars will most likely approach fro

Strong growth and profit for MiWay

MiWay celebrated its 8th birthday in February 2016 on the back of its best-ever results for the 2015 financial year, with premium growth of 19% and a profit contribution of R219 million to the holding company Santam in its Personal Lines business. An investment of R56 million in two new initiatives - Business Insurance and Direct Brokers - reduced profit for the MiWay group to R163 million. René Otto, CEO of MiWay, said he is very happy with the performance of the business. "We've built

5 tips for driving through flooded areas

The wet weather we are experiencing in Gauteng, most of Mpumalanga, southern Limpopo, north-eastern North West, and the north-western part of KwaZulu-Natal will reportedly continue all the way through the weekend. With heavy rain comes the possibility of floods - as many of us may have already experienced on the way to work this morning. Flooding can occur within minutes or hours of a severe rainstorm. When driving through flooded areas, stay safe with these 5 tips: BE AWARE. If you live in l

The ultimate home maintenance checklist

Whether it's doing small touch-ups around the house or major renovations, regular inspections (coupled with maintenance) is the best way to protect your home. This will not only save you time and money in the long-run, but will also limit you from possible insurance claims, and the associated cost of paying the excess or having your claim rejected. Here's a checklist of the things you should do at least once a year: Get a home insurance quote from MiWay today!

Here's how to dial down your debt

Between the rapidly sliding Rand, widespread water shortages and a significant interest rate hike, South Africans have had a tough year on the financial front. With the cost of living rising far more rapidly than salaries, debt has become a significant burden for local consumers, with studies suggesting that up to 75% of all monthly income is currently owed to creditors. As a result, many of us have been forced to revisit our financial goals for 2016, foregoing those overseas holidays or kitche

We salute our MiWay Service Heroes...

We salute our MiWay Service Heroes... In October 2015, Mr Dreyer who had been a loyal MiWay client for eight years, called MiWay to cancel his insurance policy because he had lost his job. Mr Dreyer had been diagnosed with throat cancer and as a result, was medically boarded from his place of work. About a year before this, he lost his wife to breast cancer. Mr Dreyer was assisted by Tumi Selau at MiWay's Retentions department. He told Tumi that he wanted to cancel his policy - he only had a

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