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Chemical vs natural drain cleaners

When it comes to keeping your drains clean and free-flowing, there really is no exception: natural drain cleaners will not only be better for your health, but they will also help to maintain the quality of your pipes in the long run. Going chemical Chemical drain cleaners can be incredibly harsh, eventually leading to extensive pipe corrosion over time. Chemical drain cleaners that are acid-based are generally considered to be the riskiest, as they have the potential to damage the softer portio

Environmentally-friendly ways in which to unclog drains

There is nothing worse than a blocked drain! Besides having an unpleasant smell that wafts through your house, there is the chance that your blocked drain could cause a ripple effect and result in a garden or paved area that is covered in waste and putrid water. Drain cleaners can leave a pungent (albeit better) smell within your home, can be dangerous to children and pets, and leave the environment a little worse for wear. Thankfully, there are a number of environmentally-friendly drain cleani

What to expect from a home cleansing ritual

Do you already engage in home cleansing rituals in accordance to your belief system, or are you simply curious about the different types of rituals that are performed around the world? Whatever your reason for clicking on this article, be sure to take a look at what you can expect if you ever find yourself in participation of a home cleansing ritual: What is a home cleansing ritual? A home cleansing ritual is a practice by which believers either banish or forbid negative energies, evil spirits

How to claim from your insurance after a natural disaster

By taking out home insurance, you indemnify your house and your possessions so that, in the event of a natural disaster, you will not have to worry about the subsequent financial implications. The question is, if you have indeed been unfortunate enough to experience a natural disaster, and your home or its contents have been damaged as a result, how do you go about making a claim? Here is a breakdown of what to do, along with when and how to do it. Call Your Insurance Provider Once it has becom

Can you avoid mudslides?

When it comes to natural disasters, floods, draughts, tsunamis and fires are the often first types of tragedies that come to mind. However, we often forget about the possibility of mudslides - and the way in which they affect the communities in which they occur. Not only do mudslides pose a disastrous threat to homes and communities, they are often the result of torrential rains or flooding. If you are in the process of building or buying a new home, you may want to keep an eye out for areas in

The best First Aid courses in South Africa

The art of first aid is something that everyone should know and master - not just medical professionals. After all, a calm demeanour and the right knowledge could end up saving a life in the event of an emergency. If you would like to brush up on your first aid skills, here are the best first aid courses available in South Africa: St John First Aid CoursesWhat sets the St John first aid courses apart from the rest is the fact that there are a number of different types of courses that are avail

So you think that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice? Think again!

We are all familiar with the idiom 'lightning never strikes the same place twice'. Well, myth busted! The truth is that lightning can strike one place more than 50 times, and can cause severe damage in the event that it does. Not only does this disprove the idiom, it also alerts us to the fact that when it comes to Mother Nature, we can never pre-empt the weather conditions. If you have a two poles of different heights, science tells us that the lightning will follow the path of least resistan

The worst pest infestations ever recorded

We have all seen cockroaches scampering from one side of a room to the next at some point or another, and some of us have even been unlucky enough to play host to an unwelcome guest in the form of a mouse or a rat. Most of us will do everything in our power to prevent pests from infiltrating our homes. However, not all people are as pest-conscious as one might hope, as the following videos clearly demonstrate. Below is a list of the worst pest infestations ever recorded - please note that these

Create your own emergency survival kit

Picture yourself huddled in a dilapidated basement. Your heart is racing, sweat is dripping into your eyes, and you're trying to hear the sounds of what lies behind the door over the thudding of your heartbeat. The building creeks, rats scurry across the floor, and you can hear screams of terror somewhere in the distance. Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse - if you manage to make it out of the basement alive, you'll probably be one of the few healthy humans who will endure a painful existence of

Download the MiWay 'Household Emergencies' handbook today!

Coping with household emergencies - from panic-inducing pest infestations to nasty, unexpected injuries - can prove stressful if one is not properly prepared in order to deal with them swiftly and effectively. Luckily, the new MiWay eBook, entitled 'The Household Emergencies Handbook', provides you with all of the information that you need in order to maintain the upper hand, keep your cool and solve whatever problems may come your way. The eBook offers helpful tips and advice on how best to co

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