7 Things You Need To Do Before Leaving For Your Holidays

You can just smell the holiday around the corner – it’s a mixture of braaied meat and sea-fresh air. However, before closing the door of your house, take note of these pointers to keep your home safe and in one piece for your return.

  1. Ring the alarm! Hey, even Beyoncé said it -  so let’s do it! Test your security alarm and armed response system – as well as your electric fence and other supporting security features like lights or sensors. You don’t want your holiday ruined by something you could have taken care of before leaving home.
  2. Call on a friend. If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, you may want to call on a trusted friend or neighbour to be your “diversion guy”. Having someone switching the lights on and off, collecting the trash or newspapers etc. will create the illusion of someone being home and discourage lurking chancers. On the bright side, they may even catch other possible issues before they become a big problem, like a burst geyser or power failure.
  3. Flip the switch and keep it locked. Flip the switch on crooks and ensure that your mains power box is securely locked so as to prevent criminals from tripping your power and gaining uninterrupted access into your home.
  4. Unsubscribe or pause. If you have any newspaper and/or magazine subscriptions, or pending deliveries, putting them on hold or unsubscribing while you’re away would be ideal. This way, you have less evidence of nobody being home by not having uncollected papers piling up outside your gate.
  5. Don’t shout it from the rooftop. Hard as it may be to keep your exciting travel plans off of social media, keep in mind that criminals these days get a lot of their information from our very own timelines. Limit the information shared by you and your family on your travel plans and don’t give away unnecessary information.
  6. Unplug and disconnect. With load shedding back to being a daily reality, you don’t want to come back to damaged appliances as a result of the “on and off” power outages. Make sure that you unplug electrical appliances that don’t need to be on and disconnect anything that could get damaged. Over and above load shedding, there are power surges to worry about as a result of lightning.
  7. In case of emergency… Share your emergency contact details with a trusted friend or neighbour. Be sure to have your car insurance and home insurance policy up to date for full cover and comfort while you’re away.

Now that you’ve got tricks to leave your home secure, you can go on and live your way!

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