The Mistakes That Logistics Operators Are Making On The Road

‘Moving the country forward’ has been the Department of Transport’s theme this year, and a very appropriate one at that. Trucks and other modes of transport are an essential part of South Africa’s economy.

However, losses through theft, accidents or other causes could quickly put transport operators out of business.

Here’s where logistics companies could be going wrong:

  • Overloading. It may be tempting to get as much as possible loaded onto vehicles, but overloading increases the likelihood of an accident, while also causing excessive damage to the road. In fact, overloaded vehicles are responsible for R400-million’s worth of unnecessary road damage per annum.
  • A lack of driver training. After equipment failure, human error is the biggest safety compromise and contributing factor to accidents. All drivers should have the necessary training required. Not meeting qualifications. The conditions to obtain a Professional Driver’s Permit, necessary for all commercial drivers, requires a certificate of medical fitness from a doctor. Additional qualifications are required for specific vehicles, too – as you can imagine, you cannot simply hop into the cab of an oversized truck and drive off.
  • Not being aware of the dangers. It is not only hijacking of vehicles and staff that operators must be alert to; petty crime has also become an issue.  Increasing grab-and-go incidents as a vehicle moves up a steep hill or stops at a traffic light, means strict measures are necessary to secure cargo from thieves.
  • Not being insured. When something goes wrong, whether an accident, a crime or a breakdown of any sort, it is essential that the situation is remedied.  Cover such as Goods in Transit insurance, Truck and Trailer insurance – and even Driver Dishonesty insurance should all be considered.

At MiWay, we’re not just about insuring things – we understand the value that these “things” bring to our lives… We know that for many business owners, their trucks or vehicles are the lifeblood of their business. By having the right business insurance in place to protect precious loads and the wellbeing of your business, you are able to continue living your way, even if something does go wrong.

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