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Service Hero: Busisiwe Shabangu

We're so proud of our July 2015 Service Hero, Busisiwe Shabangu - and we want to brag about her! "Service Heroes" is a platform to recognise those customer services agents who have flown the MiWay flag high and received fantastic compliments on HelloPeter.com. This month's Service Hero, Busisiwe Shabangu tells us more about herself: 1. Which department do you represent and what role do you play in keeping our clients happy? I am from Client Services and in the Retentions department. My role is

Brighten up your life with solar outdoor lighting

Outdoor solar lighting provides a great option to pep up a garden while providing added security. These are also great at keeping lighting costs down, reducing your home's carbon footprint and keeping things bright even when the electricity supply goes down. Benefits of using solar lighting Solar outdoor lights are cost-efficient as they do not need to be connected to the national grid. You also don't have to worry about high installation fees; as self-contained units (some are even portable)

What is a world without freedom like?

Unfortunately, there are many places in this world where freedom is absent. For example, those who live in poverty, with poor health or with poor quality education. Business leaders and citizens have a duty to work hard to bring freedom to places where it is absent. There are two areas in particular where I work hard to bring freedom to places where it is lacking: The first is in my role as CEO of MiWay, where we work hard to bring insurance freedom (or as we call it - #insurancefreedom) to ou

Another FREE ebook from MiWay: Traffic Fines: Facts & Fiction

The world of traffic fines is often a complicated one. There are many strict rules and regulations that govern how it all works - most of which many of us are completely unaware of. For instance, did you know that if you pay your fine within 32 days of receiving it, you will get a 50% discount? Did you know that you are not obliged to pay outstanding traffic fines at roadblocks? Do you know how to deal with corrupt traffic officers and how to use AARTO to your advantage? MiWay's new e-book con

A Guide to Tenant (or Renter) Insurance

Tenants are often under the misconception that their personal belongings are covered under their landlord's insurance cover for the property. The confusion perhaps arises because the buildings insurance policy on the property owner's building covers structural damage, such as a burst geyser or broken windows, but not the tenant's belongings. However, loss or damage caused by any other event, such as a natural disaster or theft, will not be covered. It is therefore important that tenants take ou

MiWay Insurance now available to brokers

With the extension of its insurance solutions to brokers, MiWay is providing access to perhaps the most innovative portfolio available in the market today and allowing intermediaries around the country to broaden service offerings to customers. That's according to Johan Smit, Head of Broker Distribution at MiWay, who explains that it is to extend its reach by leveraging the broker channel for the first time. "Direct and broker channels both have a role to play in meeting the market needs most ef

The ultimate guide to stress-free moving

Moving house is usually a chaotic experience that is notoriously stressful - it's hard to know where to start and there are so many things to consider. Packing is just a small part of the process - but with a plan of attack and some preparation you can make it easier. Take the pain out of your move with the following tips: Get rid of the clutterMoving is a chance for a fresh start in a new environment, making this a good time to get rid of the clutter and stuff you don't need anymore (this w

Renovating your home? Call your insurer!

Planning a home renovation or alteration can be a lot of fun - and a lot of work. Before you knock a hole in the wall, start picking fixtures, choosing colour schemes or gutting your kitchen to create the home of your dreams - consider how these renovations will affect your insurance needs, both during and after renovations. Increasing the value of your home A renovation may affect the value of your home, which in turn can change your policy. This is because the value of your house can increa

Putting together the right team

Jason Mellow, MiWay's Head of Alternative Distribution, has been involved in the start-up and management of several sales teams over the years. As such, he has built up a profile of what to look for in a sales person as well as the values that should be placed at the centre of our team dynamic. Here are his thoughts on putting together the right team: Hire on attitude and energy. Skills can be taught, but passion is either there or it's not. Be transparent with your team at all times. They must

The Making of MiWay's eBook: ‘A Guide to Road Safety in South Africa'

There has been a strong spotlight on road safety in recent years, mainly due to the alarming increase in collisions, injuries and road accident-related fatalities on South African roads. In conjunction with this strong drive for road safety awareness, there has been an increase in law enforcement on our roads and a harsher sentencing for disobedience of road rules. When it comes to road safety, car insurance companies also require statistics and information pertaining to collisions - what cause

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