Is your tracking company tracking you correctly?

If you have been quoted for car insurance, you may have encountered the famous question about a tracking device. Often, insurance companies may require a tracking device to be installed in your vehicle in order to provide you with adequate cover for theft. With the latest technology, tracking devices have not only a risk management tool, but can even provide an emergency alert to your insurer in the case of an accident. We’ve put together some pointers to consider when choosing a tracking company.

What kind of technology is used to track your car?

The advancement of technology has improved tracking devices. Although RF (Radio Frequency) may arguably still be the most accurate, technology such as GPS (Global Positioning System) is the latest. If your tracking device is still functioning under radio frequency alone, you may want to consider chatting to your tracking company about the options you have regarding the technology used to track your car.

Is your tracking device reliable?

It is vital to ensure that you not only have a tracking device installed in your car, but that it is also reliable and working correctly. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a sticky situation when claiming for the loss of your car as a result of theft and having your claim rejected, simply because you did not have a functional tracking device in your car. Most insurance companies provide theft cover only if the tracking device is functional. Your tracking company should alert you if your device is not functioning.

Is your tracking device linked to your cell phone? And does it alert you when entering a “high-risk” zone?

A reliable tracking company will alert you when you enter an unsafe location that is listed as a high-risk zone. This can either be done via SMS or phone call notification. If this is not happening, you may want to check in with them and find out why and how you can set this notification service up. GPS and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) allow for the accurate location tracking of your vehicle by sending an SMS. This provides a proactive warning system if your vehicle goes out of its normal route.

In the event of an accident, does your tracking device have you covered?

With the latest technology advancing the services offered to you, a credible tracker should offer a sensor that allows for a notification and your location to be sent to your insurer should you be in an accident. This allows immediate emergency assistance to be dispatched to your location. With MiWay, your silence is our signal; should you not be able to call for help in the case of an accident, we will call you and should there be no answer, emergency assistance will be sent to you immediately.

Caught stranded on the side of the road?

Life happens, even when driving. There are times where you may find yourself in the unfortunate space of being stranded of the side of the road, maybe even in a place that is unfamiliar to you. If this ever happens to you, having a tracking device will come in handy and to your rescue. Your insurer will be able to pull your exact location from the data registered on your tracking device.

Having a tracking device could seem like just another expense, however when it comes to the safety and recovery of your car – even yourself in some emergency cases – it is in your own best interest to have one installed in your car. Check with your car insurance provider which tracking companies they work with and approve of and be sure to get your car tracked before it’s too late!

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