Time to clean up your insurance

Now that spring has sprung, we’re almost certain that you’ve switched up your closet to match the season. Spring cleaning is something many South Africans still practice, without fail. Not only are you making the time to clear up your space, but you’re also finding useful things you probably forgot you had. Why not do the same with your insurance?

Reviewing your insurance policy should be an annual activity to ensure that your policy information and cover is still in order. This spring, we’re helping you to #SpringCleanYourInsurance – step-by-step. Don’t just dust around the corners of your home and car insurance policy, take the time to go in for a deep clean.

Get your hands on your policy and check if the following is still in order:

  • Personal information – Check that your ID number, contact information, address for both day and night parking etc. are correctly captured and up to date
  • Payment information – Make sure that your account details, collection date, premium amount etc. are all correct as agreed upon – remember, no premium = no cover
  • Past incidents and losses - Check that any previous claims are correctly captured as these impact your risk profile
  • Previous insurance – For the sake of your risk profile, check that this is captured correctly as well
  • Vehicle information – It is essential to have the correct details captured to ensure adequate cover. This includes: the make and model of your car; the vin, engine and registration numbers for your car; the colour, kit and modifications. It is also important to note if your vehicle is financed or not
  • What you’re covered for – Check that you are covered under the correct use (business or private) for your vehicle, covered for the correct insured value and correct perils. Ensure that you have the necessary optional extras included in your policy
  • Regular driver – Having the correct regular driver listed on your policy schedule is essential as that determines your premiums and affects your claim. Ensure that this is correctly listed
  • Payable excess – Check and familiarise yourself with the different excesses that you would be liable for in the event of a claim
  • Benefits – While spring cleaning your policy, you may just find a little surprise benefit hidden in there like roadside and home assistance or WeDrive. Check for these to ensure you don’t miss out

Spring cleaning your insurance may be the last thing on your mind, however it does come with benefits – you could end up saving yourself some extra cash each month. Get hold of your policy schedule today and set aside some time to go through it thoroughly. Should you find yourself needing to make any changes, inform your insurer immediately and avoid the risk of being inadequately insured. With MiWay, you can update your insurance policy yourself via the website or the mobile App.

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