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Your top 5 insurance car hire questions answered

If you depend on your car on a daily basis, you may find yourself in a bind should your car need to go to the panel beater for repairs after an accident. Insurance companies understand the inconvenience that comes with not having your car for a period of time and the high costs of hiring a car. This is why they provide car hire as an added-extra at a low monthly cost so that you can have access to a rental car when you need it the most. Benefits of having car hire with your insurance company If

How safe are your tyres?

Keeping safe on the road is not only about being an alert and cautious driver, it is also about making sure that your car is always in tip-top condition with road-worthy tyres. Worn tyres reduce the performance of your car and low tread depths decrease the effectiveness of braking, steering, and even acceleration - all of which are important in staying safe on the road. Checklist for tyres Tyres should be inspected on a regular basis, here are some of the most important things you should keep in

When the lights go out, will you be covered?

Whether it's from a power cut caused by load shedding, cable theft or a lightning strike - a power surge can cause serious damage to your appliances in an instant. Apart from unplugging your appliances when a lightning storm looms, it's important to check if your insurance policy covers you for damage caused by powers surges. What causes a power surge? A power surge or dip happens when a sudden burst of current from the power supply causes an increase in the current flowing to the home's wall o

MiWay's MiHeart Project goes a step further

Since the launch of the MiHeart Project earlier this year, our MiHeart Volunteers have been hard at work making a difference one school at a time. This month the volunteers went a step further to revamp Maphutha Secondary school's library in Tembisa. After noticing that the school's library didn't have enough books and was in desperate need of some TLC, the volunteers stepped in and implemented a book drive and collected over 2000 books. All of which were donated by MiWay's staff and community m

Good books complement computers: MiWay's MiHeart Project goes a step further

With South African short-term insurer MiWay committed to putting maximum effort into its Corporate Social Investment, it comes as no surprise that it has gone the extra mile at an East Rand school. As it rolled out its MiHeart Project - putting computers and connectivity into underprivileged schools - the company's volunteers noticed the poor state of the library at Tembisa's Maphutha Secondary School. A crew known for action, the MiHeart Volunteers (as they call themselves) quickly stepped up,

Different life stages - different insurance covers

As you grow older your needs, responsibilities and lifestyle changes - and so should your insurance cover. Wherever you are in your life, the key is to have an insurance policy that meets your needs at that particular time. The young and single years You're fresh out of university, got your first job and you've moved out of mom and dad's house. As a young adult making your own money for the first time, your personal assets are probably modest to say the least. Household contents - If you're ren

Is your home ready for winter?

The leaves have started to fall and there's a chill in air - all clear signs that winter is here. As it becomes increasingly colder, our homes provide a delightful, warm relief from icy blue days. But before you hibernate - there are a few things you should do around the house which could save you money and hassle later. Here are some practical maintenance ideas which can get your home into great shape for winter and the rainy summer months to come: Roof maintenance With the summer rains gone, i

10 things you should always keep in your car

Life is full of unexpected surprises and a few things come close to that dreadful moment when your car won't start - or even worse, breaking down on the side of the road. But as the Scout's motto says "be prepared", we have compiled a list of ten things you should always keep in car: Jumper cables It sometimes happens that you leave your lights on and accidently drain your battery. With help from a friend and jumper cables you can soon be on your merry way. Spare tyre ( along with a jack and

Debit order payments - know the facts

You know that paying your insurance premium on time is an essential part of keeping your policy active and ensuring that you have continuous cover. Not paying your premium can result in your claim not being paid out and your insurer even cancelling your policy following consecutive non-payments. Remember the main reason for having insurance, in the first place, is to put you back in the same financial position you were in before the loss or damage happened. Some of the terms you may see in your

What you need to know about roadside assistance

It's not easy to stay calm when your car breaks down in the middle of morning rush-hour traffic - especially if you are running late for that important meeting or when you have to drop off the kids at school. Depending on the policy that you have, insurance companies such as MiWay offers Roadside Assistance as a value-added service to provide clients with peace of mind. Apart from ensuring that your car is always in a roadworthy condition, you can prepare yourself for a roadside emergency by

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