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Going on holiday? Check your insurance policy before you go!

It seems like it was only yesterday when we were counting down the days till the festive season - now the Easter holidays are here. Before you leave for that well deserved break, make sure to read over your insurance policy. We know insurance is probably the last thing on your mind, but anything can happen while you are away - so it is very important to make sure you are covered. Here are some useful suggestions that will give you peace of mind while you are away: Your insurance policy Make sur

Top tips for driving at night [infographic]

Did you know that traffic death rates are three times higher at night than during the day? Yet many of us are unaware of night driving's special hazards or don't know effective ways to deal with them. Driving at night is a bigger challenge than most people think - and it is more dangerous. 90% of a driver's reaction depends on vision, and vision is severely limited at night. Depth perception, colour recognition, and peripheral vision are compromised after sundown. Fortunately, there are measures

Road safety tip: Don't brake over a pothole

Dodging potholes has become the norm for motorist, especially in the Gauteng region following the heavy rains recently. Even though the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has begun repairs which have been reported since the start of the rains, motorists are still advised to drive cautiously and not to drive faster than 40km/h in badly affected areas. Here are some tips to help you minimise the damage potholes may cause: Try to avoid potholes! With that said, sometimes it's not possible and if this

You have been in an accident - now what?

Whether it's a small bumper bashing or major crash - if you have ever been involved in an accident then you would remember the initial shock and panic, especially if you don't know what to do. But as we all know, accidents do happen - try to keep calm and follow these few helpful tips. By law, if you are involved in an accident that causes injury or the death of anyone, damage to property or any animal, you must stop your car. In fact, it's a crime not to stop after an accident. Help anyone who

Know the facts: Homeowners insurance explained

Your house is more than just bricks and mortar, it is also your home and sanctuary. It's for that reason that you want to protect your valuable investment. Having the right insurance for your home gives you that added peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment is protected in the event of a catastrophe. Imagine the worst case scenario - a disaster that is completely beyond your control such as a storm, flood, a major fire, smoke or explosions or a burst pipe. Homeowners insurance

MiWay's MiHeart Project opens doors in education

MiWay has launched the MiHeart Project, a CSI initiative aimed at helping students in local schools move further up the education ladder. The initiative supports educational programmes - specifically computer literacy. The MiHeart Project focuses on computer literacy because it is the global language of the workplace and a vital tool for success in today's high-tech world. With MiWay's MiHeart Project, more than 4,000 students will now have access to computer laboratories - fully installed wi

Household Contents vs All Risks Insurance

Whether you live in a one bedroom bachelor pad or a mansion, your home is your castle. If your house burnt down today, could you afford to replace everything (including your wardrobe) tomorrow? If the answer is 'no', then you need to insure your household belongings against fire, theft, water, wind and storm damage. The same goes for stuff that you take with you when you leave your house. With that said, there's often a bit of confusion about the different policy covers as well as what is includ

Get your car holiday ready!

Padkos. Check. In�car entertainment. Check. Everything but the kitchen sink. Check. You may be ready for your upcoming holiday, but is your car? Failing to do simple checks on your vehicle before you hit the road this summer could invalidate potential insurance claims or worse, put you and your family at risk. Start by familiarising yourself with your vehicle insurance policy and make sure it's been updated if anything has changed recently. Also be sure to check: Does your insurer offer emerg

Reaching new heights for MiWay's 2013 Big 5 MTB Series

Another successful year has passed with MiWay at the helm of the MiWay Big 5 MTB Series in Zululand, KZN. The Series covered 5 races from May to September, with a final prize-giving event in October. Comparing this year's statistics to 2012 showed favourable results - participant numbers grew by a steady 12%, with almost 40% of participants traveling from outside Zululand. And numbers have nearly doubled since MiWay came on board as headline sponsor in 2011. One of the main drivers for the growt

At MiWay, it pays to Name Drop!

The age old saying "when times are tough, friends are few" does not describe the way things are done at MiWay. We understand the importance of building relationships and that friends and family are sometimes what keeps us going on a daily basis. Therefore, MiWay introduces its latest rewards programme which pays clients for referring their friends and family. The Name Drop rewards programme gives clients cash for doing something that comes naturally to all of us: sharing experiences, discussing

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