The cars of the future are the cars of today

We all know how quickly times are changing, especially in this world of modern technology and all its aspects: wearable devices, telematics, virtual reality – and so on.

Automobile manufacturers are doing everything in their power to ensure that their brand's vehicles will stay abreast of the current wave of technological advancements.

Ten years ago, cars with built-in Bluetooth devices, on-board navigation, and parking-assist sensors were the domain of top luxury cars. These days, devices such as these have become much more affordable to the rest of the consumer market. New technology is giving car firms increasing opportunities to make cars safer, smarter and more fuel-efficient. As you can imagine, in this competitive environment, technology is kept tightly under wraps at each car brand’s headquarters.

On the road today, we already see intelligent cars that can stop, steer, and accelerate independently, keeping drivers safer and allowing them to kick back and enjoy the ride. Driver-assist technology such as “traffic-jam assistance”, "adaptive cruise control" and “stop & go” is already available at the touch of a button.

What's "traffic-jam assistance"?

Mix cruise-control with lane-assist (this is new-ish technology which automatically helps your car to maintain an ideal lane position); add the cameras which your car uses for parking assistance together with a dash of automatic braking technology – and you have got “traffic-jam assistance” at your fingertips.

Driving in heavy traffic is pretty boring and monotonous, so we’re betting that a lot of drivers will be relieved to have a reprieve from the stress of constant acceleration and braking.

Traffic-jam assistance will monitor the vehicle in front of your car, keeping a steady pace at a safe following distance. Your car will steer to stay within the lane - and if the car in front swerves to avoid an obstacle, your car mimics the same swerve path by following the tyre treads (which might be quite terrifying!). Altogether, the traffic-jam assistance system commandeers the engine, steering and brakes.

Not everyone will be able to afford this type of technology. However, it’s almost a given that with driver-assist features like this in place, there will be fewer bumper bashings in slow-moving traffic.

Fewer accidents, of course, mean fewer claims – and could possibly reduce your insurance premiums.

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