5 Successful business women share their secrets

Over the course of a year, we have outlined how women who have taken their own personal paths to establishing their own businesses, achieve optimal life and work balance and take charge of their own destinies. From ‘intrapreneurs’, to those who have engineered a complete change of career, and those who have repackaged existing skills in new ways, South African women are showing that success is a choice. You too, can make the move!

Here are 5 tips from business women to give entrepreneurs the boost needed to make their mark in the business world.

  • “Know what it is that motivates you.” - Bridget Theron, Business Development Executive at LRMG
    Bridget is an ‘intrapreneur’ who has adopted a business development role within a company, and is focused on improving people and organisational performance. “Once I realised that was really why I get up in the morning, it made sense to move into a role that allowed me to learn and influence many people across multiple organisations, not just one.” An ‘intrapreneur’ is a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing.
  • “Surround yourself with people who share your vision and are willing to work with you to help everyone achieve their goals.” - Monica Haralambous, Sorbet Owner
    Retrenchment provided Monica the opportunity for introspection and a new lease on her working life.  She used this as an opportunity to take a leap and fulfill her dream of owning a beauty salon. Today, Sorbet Lonehill employs 26 women and looks after hundreds of customers.
  • “I’ve always seen myself as the boss.” - Ingrid Moruane. Owner of Ing Management 
    Ingrid started her business in 2015 – at only 24, she will soon be moving into her own offices in Joburg’s trendy Melrose Arch. Her business provides non-core services to government entities and corporates.
  • “It’s all about using what you have and thinking laterally.” - Cresi Heslop, Founder of Wonder Towel 
    Cresi came up with the idea of a microfibre towel designed with sports in mind and that South African athletes can use with pride. Wonder Towel is now supplemented with a range of other microfibre products too.
  • “Be so passionate about your dream that you will inspire the investor to invest.” - Marine Louw, Founder of fashion importer Bonufusion
    Marine is touching on something almost every startup wrestles with - securing finance. Passion plays a major role in winning investors over, but passion has to be backed by a solid idea and a watertight business plan.

It is often said that the path of the entrepreneur is a lonely and difficult one. Bridget sums it up well: “When the going gets tough – and it always does – you have to go back to what your fundamental intent and purpose is. This is what will give you the motivation to reflect, ask yourself difficult questions, put your head down and persevere.”

MiWay's Business Insurance team is serious about providing business insurance solutions tailored to your business, and encourages #businessowners – both male and female - to follow their dreams.

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