A Quick Guide to Transporting Goods Safely

Goods in transit refers to merchandise and other types of inventory that have left the “shipping dock” (or premises) of the seller, but not yet reached the “receiving dock” (or premises) of the buyer.  If you are in the panel beating industry, for example, this would refer to the parts or equipment that you order from suppliers.

Having Specialised Goods in Transit insurance gives you the peace of mind that your business’s goods will be covered for loss or damage to items being transported by road to and/or from the specified business address.

While you’re thinking of how to get your goods delivered safely, you may want to consider that the health of your drivers, or using delivery scooters, could impact your business for the better.

Here are some pointers to ponder on when it comes to transporting your business’s vital goods.

Protect your goods from being looted en route. Besides avoiding unnecessary branding that might tempt thieves, securing cargo in closed and locked bodies or even fitting spikes to strategic areas of the vehicle, fleet owners and drivers need to be aware of the risk of looting, as well as what can be done to minimise it.

Two-wheeled deliveries could be a win for your business. Zipping through traffic on a scooter may just be the answer to your business’s logistical problems! (if your load can allow for this) This option will generally be more affordable than a car or a van: services, bike parts and tyres are also usually less expensive – scooters are also more fuel-efficient than their four-wheeled counterparts. Finding parking will be a breeze!

Is vehicle overloading worth it? When transporting goods and stock, it may be tempting to load the vehicle a little more than usual, but this can be a costly mistake. “Overloading has been recognised to be both a safety concern as well as a cost concern, and the National Department of Transport has incorporated a campaign against overloading in its Road to Safety strategy.” according to an ArriveAlive article.

Your drivers’ health is your wealth too. Truck drivers are ultimately the skippers in the transport process. Many truck drivers on our roads today, however, suffer from various problems that contribute to drivers being unhealthy. Trucking and transport companies may want to look at offering drivers certain benefits and general training on how to make wise lifestyle choices in order to improve the safety of their drivers, goods in transit and that of other road users.

Make informed decisions for the sake of all road users and ensure that you have the right business insurance in place to protect your precious cargo.

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