Five key services every SME can afford to outsource

It’s no secret that, as a small business owner, you need to keep your eye on the ball if you hope to thrive in the current economy. One way to do that is to focus on what matters most, which is winning and retaining new business while leaving other business functions to the experts.

For small businesses, that often means relying on a trusted service provider who can relieve the burden of trying to be a jack of all trades.

Here are five ways that MiWay Business Insurance goes out of its way to enable these brave contributors to the economy to live their way through MiBusinessAssist:

  1. Financial advice: Keeping a financial advisor on your payroll as a small business may seem out of reach; but with MiBusinessAssist you can have a highly skilled “money guy” to guide you through and help you with the more complex aspects of your business and staying profitable.
  2. Marketing: Getting your brand noticed by the right customers is crucial to winning new business. In an era of digital marketing where new tools and opportunities are emerging at break-neck speed, MiBusinessAssist offers a steady and knowledgeable rudder to guide small business owners. You can get your brand online and noticed with more ease than when doing it yourself.
  3. Legal advice: Having the right legal backing behind your business can bring an incredible sense of comfort as you navigate your way to growing your business. With 24-hour access to a network of qualified lawyers, advocates and legal consultants, handling your business or personal legal matters can be made easier for you.
  4. Labour advice: Staying on the right side of the labour laws as a small business owner doesn’t need to be a tricky case of luck over preparation. You can avoid tons of legal nightmares, with the right help.
  5. Licence disc and traffic fine support: It’s easy to fall foul of the authorities when you’re focused on your day-to-day operations, but this is something that you wouldn’t have to worry about as a MiWay Business Insurance client. As a business owner, you can get alerted when a fine is incurred on your business vehicle(s) and reminded when a licence disc is due for renewal. In addition to these notifications, an intuitive online portal simplifies the payment process and reduces stress and time out of the office as the renewed licence discs are delivered by courier.

Savvy entrepreneurs are quick to acknowledge the wisdom of delegating tasks to those who are best qualified to do the job. With all these services on hand, MiWay Business Insurance customers are supported through every eventuality to help free themselves from admin and focus on growing their business.

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