MiBusinessAssist – Services Every Scaling Business Should Outsource

Are you spending too much time managing operational logistics instead of focusing on growing your business? It’s time to ditch the “I can do it myself” mentality and offload those onerous back office tasks. 

With MiBusinessAssist, these services are a phone call away, whenever you need them!

Basic services

As any great PA would do, you can get help setting up appointments, making travel arrangements, gathering quotes and even answering the phone while you’re out of the office. Time-consuming tasks like vehicle licence renewal and paying traffic fines can be handled while you’re dealing with more important tasks.

Specialist services

One of the big advantages of using MiBusinessAssist is that you can increase capacity across a variety of disciplines, without the monthly cost of hiring in such skills. Where else can you call on a marketing expert to help create your company’s brand identity, set up and design your website or implement a digital marketing campaign; or draw on financial advisory services on everything from budgeting and cash flow to tax returns, financial planning, and debt reviews and counselling? On the legal side, a 24-hour hotline is available to help with labour, civil and criminal matters. You also get access to a library of legal contract and agreement templates that you are going to need as your business grows.

A 24/7 labour law service gives business owners the assurance that they have someone on hand to advise them on practical and legal human resources matters.

Lastly, an IT help desk offering software and hardware technical support is available to you during office hours.

Emergency services

No business assistance service would be complete without catering to those times when things simply go wrong. As a MiBusinessAssist member, you have the peace of mind of knowing you have access to emergency office assistance and medical assistance.

Emergency office assistance is a help desk that can alert emergency services such as the ambulance. For less critical emergencies, the help desk can call in specialists like plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, or pest controllers to take care of the situation.

The medical assistance helps with more than immediate medical emergencies. A team of qualified advisors can help with general medial queries, while a dedicated crisis hotline is available in times of grief, stress or abuse.

MiBusinessAssist allows you to refocus your priorities as a business owner or manager and avoid wasting time, money and talent (including your own) on activities that could be better handled by an expert outside your organisation.

MiBusinessAssist is available, at an additional cost, to all comprehensively covered MiWay Business Insurance clients, with many advisory and support services available during office hours – definitely a service you cannot afford to go without this festive season. Ts and Cs Apply.

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