How Can I Make My Insurance Cheaper?

To some, insurance may seem like somewhat of an unnecessary and costly expense. The truth is that insurance is a necessity to help us protect what our valuables mean today and what they will mean to us in the future. Investing in comprehensive insurance that covers your assets when it is needed most will greatly benefit you.

How then can you make your insurance premiums work out cheaper at the end of the month? And which smart financial moves can be made that may result in cheaper insurance?

Ways Of Making Your Insurance Cheaper

  • Enlist The Help Of A Broker

While you can shop around for cheaper premiums yourself, a broker will be able to do it faster and with a better premium than you may have gotten. By providing your broker with an extensive list of your assets and their value, they can find the best insurance to suit your needs.

  • Consolidate your insurance policies

Do you have different insurance policies with various insurance providers? Most financial experts agree that health, long-term disability, life, and car insurance are four of the insurance must-haves. Consolidating your insurance cover with the same insurance provider may just result in more affordable insurance. Having your home, car, and business insurance covered by the same insurance provider is one way to make your insurance cheap.

  • Increase Your Excess

Another way of getting cheaper insurance is to ask your insurance provider how increasing your excess will affect your monthly premiums. In a nutshell, increased excess means cheaper monthly premiums. You will, however, have to be financially smart and start saving additional money as you will have to fork out more for excess should the need arise.

  • Pay Your Monthly Premium On-Time

Make sure that there are funds in your account when the time comes for premiums to be paid. The worst-case scenario should payments be missed is not having the financial cover when you need it most.

These tips can help to lower monthly premiums and save you money in the long run.

What about car insurance? Is there a way to get cheap car insurance? Having your own car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With that said, how can car insurance be made more affordable and what can you do to lower your monthly car insurance premiums?

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

  • Start by comparing insurance quotes. Look for car insurance that offers comprehensive cover and is best suited to your budget and needs to ensure that your monthly/annual premiums are paid.
  • When purchasing a vehicle, it would be good to remember that faster and more modern vehicles usually result in higher premiums.
  • Parking your car in a secure garage and inform your insurer of your regular parking.

As a new driver looking to save on your car insurance, you may want to take an advanced driving course, purchase a cheaper vehicle and install a car alarm or tracker on your vehicle.

Because many people find it tempting to save money by only taking out third-party insurance, this is not always the best option. While third-party insurance is one of the cheapest forms of insurance, the cover it offers is basic and may result in unplanned and unwanted debt. Although it may not always be the cheapest option, a comprehensive, flexible, and well-structured insurance policy is by far the best insurance policy, and it could save you money in the long run.

For the best insurance premiums that are tailored to your specific insurance coverage needs and budget, compare online insurance quotes and start living your way!

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