How First-Time Drivers Can Get Affordable Insurance

It's an unfortunate reality that new drivers may pay more for car insurance than drivers who have been on the road for longer. This is because first-time drivers do not have any driver history with which insurance companies can determine their risk (and therefore, an accurate premium), and in addition to this, many accidents are attributed to motorists who do not have the experience of dealing with the various situations which can be encountered on the open road.

But what happens if you consider yourself a responsible first-time driver who wants to insure their first car and is looking to get off on good financial footing? You deserve an affordable car insurance premium too! 

Here's how you could get affordable first-time car insurance as a young driver: 

Follow the Rules of the Road 

This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to ensuring you don't land up paying expensive car insurance premiums in the future. As a young driver, take driving lessons and practice as much as you can before you hit the road on your own. Ask an experienced driver to tag along so they can give you tips and advice. If you can, sign up for an advanced driving course, as this could improve your confidence. Remember to let your insurer know if you have signed up for any relevant courses which could improve your risk profile!

Compare Prices 

Do your research. Young drivers searching for car insurance would do well to compare quotes and find a car insurance company with the most affordable and suitable insurance policy for your needs. Don't settle for the first insurance quote that comes your way, nor the cheapest. It is more important to find the right insurance policy that won't leave you in the financial lurch when you need to submit a claim. The best insurance is one that suits your budget and offers the most coverage, so try to strike a balance between affordability and breadth of cover when choosing an insurer. 

Consider Car Insurance When Car Shopping 

A lot of consideration needs to go into buying a car. The colour, make, model, interior, and fuel efficiency are just a few of the many factors that determine which car someone might buy. Car insurance is often the last thing on your mind when you're looking for the perfect ride! When you are shopping around for a vehicle, find out which cars have higher risk profiles than others. Cars in lower-risk categories are often cheaper to insure than those vehicles that are more likely to be stolen. 

By using these tips and doing your research and comparison shopping, there is no need for you, a young driver, to pay expensive insurance fees on your first car. Remember, it is better to have some form car insurance than none at all, and part of being a responsible driver means being fully insured in the event of an accident or vehicle theft. 

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