How To Switch Car Insurance

For most of us, the thought of changing insurance companies and obtaining a new policy is an administrative and time-intensive nightmare. It’s a back and forth between obtaining your current  insurance policy, lengthy phone calls and email trails that can leave you feeling a little frazzled. 

But what if there was an easier way to change insurance providers? Well, there actually is. No more searching for emails, sifting through papers or time-intensive phone calls – MiWay's MiSwitch tool makes changing insurance providers a breeze. 

Is it a good idea to switch auto insurance?

  • Provided you go about it the right way, there is no harm in switching car insurance companies. In fact, you may get better rates, better customer service and better quality cover if you shop around. Look for a company like MiWay that is committed to all aspects of your car insurance journey.

MiSwitch will see to all the details – all you need is a copy of your current car insurance policy schedule. It can be with any car insurance provider; the information MiWay obtains from the policy will help us to save time gathering data over the phone.

How can I get a copy of my car insurance policy?

  • In this day and age, you can simply give your current insurer a call and ask them to email your car insurance policy documents to you. Download them to your desktop for safe keeping!

How do I switch from one car insurance to another?

  • Once you have your current policy, simply upload the PDF to MiWay’s MiSwitch platform, and a MiWay agent will be able to call you back in minutes with a comparative car insurance quote. We will get essential details from your existing car insurance policy schedule.

No more lengthy telephone discussions - with the power of technology, what we need is just a click away! MiWay’s MiSwitch feature helps you to focus your energy on what’s important to let you live your way, and provides you with a comparative car insurance quote quickly and easily. 

While getting an online insurance quote is pretty simple – MiSwitch makes it even simpler. Get a car insurance quote the simple way, with MiWay.

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