Tips for Taking Care of Your Car During Lockdown

Throughout the lockdown, there have been significant changes in the lives of many South Africans. 

What was previously a fun drive to the mall with family and friends, has now been restricted to only one person per household going to buy essential items. 

Now that you are spending more time in one spot, it is vital that you continue to give your car the same TLC as you usually would when driving around – it’s just a different kind of TLC. This will help to alleviate any issues you may face in the short-term (your car won’t start in an emergency) and long-term (rust on the inside that is expensive to fix). 

Here are useful tips to take care of your car during the lockdown: 

  • Your battery - Remember to start your car every 3 days to avoid needing a jump-start before your next essentials run! Keep it running for at least 5 minutes. However, if you do need a jump start, this video is a good "how-to":
  • Keep your vehicle safe! - Your car may be parked for several days without being used. Ensure that your vehicle is parked in a secure parking or a garage and that it remains locked.
  • Fuel tank - Lockdown restrictions mean that we don’t have the liberty to drive around where we want to, so our cars are not being used daily – so why should you top up that nearly empty tank of fuel? It would be prudent to fill up in case you need to go somewhere in an emergency. Additionally, if your tank is nearing empty, this will cause the air above the fuel to condense and store moisture inside the tank which could result in rusting.
  • Exterior - It would be an excellent idea to park your car in a covered area while we are still on  lockdown so that no unwarranted damage to your vehicle’s exterior can occur. During this time of the year, the sun is still strong, so keeping your vehicle in full sunlight could cause severe damage to the paint and also expose it to other elements that can cause scratches or long-term damage.

    Not everyone has access to covered parking, so keeping your vehicle under a wrap is just as effective. This prevents direct sunlight from damaging your car and keeps it safe from other possible damages. Using thick bedsheets or a cloth to cover your vehicle can also work if you do not have a car cover.
  • Here are a few other useful resources:

Although we’re on lockdown, criminals aren’t held by the bounds of the law. Thefts of vehicles still occur, and comprehensive car insurance can protect you from the financial loss this would cause.

Stay home, stay safe – and get insurance to suit your budget!

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