Don't let an emergency steal your holiday joy this Easter break

This Easter, we’re helping you get more than road-trip ready – we’re gearing you up to enjoy a pleasant break, despite possible emergencies.

Know your way through a claim

MiWay is here to help get you back on track and aims to keep the claims process as hassle-free as possible, paying all valid claims rapidly and without any fuss.

Know Your Car Insurance Rights

It is important to know your car insurance rights before you accept an insurance policy. Car insurance can be difficult to understand for most drivers, especially first-time vehicle owners. Doing your research into car insurance laws in South Africa before purchasing the insurance policy is a smart move to make.

How Can I Make My Insurance Cheaper?

The truth is that insurance is a necessity to help us protect what our valuables mean today and what they will mean to us in the future. Investing in comprehensive insurance that covers your assets when it is needed most will greatly benefit you.

Save money! Avoid these car insurance mistakes

Here are some tips to avoiding some common mistakes when looking at purchasing car insurance policies.

Why the 1st of February is known as Car Insurance Day

The 1st of February is known as Car Insurance Day in South Africa, and with good reason. For an hour on the day, insurance policyholders are encouraged to sit down with their policy schedule and read through it to make sure that they know how their insurance policy works.

How First-Time Drivers Can Get Affordable Insurance

Car insurance can be costly for first-time drivers. Learn more and find the best deal you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Insurance Claims

How does the insurance claims process actually work?

How To Switch Car Insurance

Just how easy is it to switch car insurance? MiWay's MiSwitch tool makes changing insurance providers a breeze! Read this article to see how easy it really is.

Cheap Car Insurance Isn't Always Good Enough

An insurance company factors in several things when determining a client's insurance premium.

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