What a Year It's Been!

We were faced with floods, hailstorms, fuel price increases and loadshedding, and yet with the resilience, (sometimes) cautious optimism and can-do ‘gees’ that is synonymous with us as South Africans, we’re still standing!

A message from our outgoing CEO

Thank you for your loyal support over the last 14 years. Together we built a great business and made a meaningful contribution to the economic and social landscape.

Life Lesson #11: Be Hard On Targets But Soft On People

We strive to be world-class. That means we set ambitious targets. However, we rely on people to achieve our targets.

Life Lesson #10: Never Give Up

Life is not a sprint, it’s an ultra-marathon. There are many obstacles and hurdles and curve balls along the way, some self-inflicted but many unforeseen and unexpected

Life Lesson #9: Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

The simplest definition of culture is “the way we do things”.

Life Lesson #8: The Task Of Leadership

People have the potential for greatness in them. If, as a leader, you believe it and encourage it, you are often rewarded with fantastic results.

Life Lesson #7 Be Bold

The courage to make bold decisions is often the difference between success and failure in business and life in general.

Life lesson #6: Mediocrity Casts a Shadow

A leader’s mediocrity has a devastating effect on the whole team. You tolerate it at your own peril.

Life lesson #5: Focus on the Fundamentals

It is important to know what result you desire, what outcome you aim for, but it is futile to spend your energy fixated on the result instead of on doing the basics well.

Life Lesson #4: Grab Your Opportunities

To survive and flourish in this uncertain world you need to be resilient, adaptable and flexible. You need to have a growth mindset. You need to look for opportunities and when you find them, you need to grab them.

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